Here Are Some Ways To Increase Your Odds Of Winning At Poker


Poker is a game of skill and a little bit of luck, depending on who you ask. Some of the most skilled players are well-versed in pot odds, reading their opponents, and making timely bluffs. But what about the external factors to the game? I’m talking about the sunglasses, hats, and hoodies that players wear to hide their faces. Do those actually have any impact on winning? broke down the statistics looking at the past WSOP winners and what facial obstructions they were using.

Do Sunglasses Help Win Poker-02

It should come as no surprise that hoodies come in last because anyone caught dead in a hoodie is a tool. However, it does seem that having some sort of facial obstruction is found on the winners. Take this with a grain of salt, though. They didn’t provide data for how many losers also donned these obstructions.

I will say that I can attest to these findings that your odds of winning go up if you’re wearing a hat and donning facial hair. In my first two poker nights I was invited to here at Grandex, I wore a hat and hadn’t shaved. Both times I wiped Dorn and the boys clean of their money. Probably why I haven’t been invited back.


  1. Gun_Slinger

    I have found that if you give yourself a subtle OTPHJ during play, the other guys at the table just get disgusted, go all-in, and try to get the fuck out of there.

    8 years ago at 11:04 am