Hockey Twitter’s Responses To Jamie Benn’s Tweet About Not Munching Box Are Hilarious

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There’s not much going on in the sports world today outside of The Open Championship. Thankfully, hockey players are doing big things on Twitter. Earlier in the day, last season’s NHL scoring leader, Jamie Benn from the Dallas Stars, asked new teammate Jason Demurs if he was the type of guy who munched box.

To each is own, Jamie. If there’s only one thing that should be guaranteed in the bedroom, it’s that the girl is going down. I don’t make the rules. Sorry ladies. Of course Twitter went nuts after catching wind of it. Jamie Benn is now trending and it’s not because he won the Art Ross trophy.

Ands then you have this loser:

I’m on Jamie’s side here.

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  1. Asteroid

    Hockey players for the most part seem to give fewer fucks than most other pro athletes.

    7 years ago at 3:17 pm
    1. FrattyTrappings

      It’s probably the one community that stays more drunk than Greeks. My adult league team goes through more 30 racks than my fraternity does, on a per capita basis.

      7 years ago at 5:32 pm
      1. BooRadley264

        That’s so interesting considering the fact that you guys probably drink lots and lots of beer!

        7 years ago at 8:17 pm
    2. GeorgeH31

      That’s true. Majority are for the boys. We’re based like a fraternity based on brotherhood and teamwork.

      7 years ago at 8:44 pm
    3. Con Seannery

      Probably because nobody pays attention to them. Hard to lose big sponsorship deals you don’t have.

      7 years ago at 10:00 am
    4. BigDJ12

      My cousin plays for the Austrian national team and they lost their Olympic qualifying game because they were out until 6 am and still drunk from celebrating the win from the night before

      7 years ago at 10:47 am
    1. Willy and Waylon

      What I’ve found is you don’t need to munch box to get laid once, but if you do the tongue tango, you’ve got a great chance to get laid again, by her, and the friends she told.

      7 years ago at 4:07 pm
  2. CrazyDiamond

    Let’s see if ESPN gives this exchange the amount of attention they gave the NBA emoji war. I’m going to go with no.

    7 years ago at 5:09 pm
  3. anttiniemi

    Androgynous feminists may hurl insults at Benn all day long, but he can sleep at night knowing he can still pull while advertising he doesn’t go down.

    7 years ago at 5:53 pm
      1. Jron

        I guess my comment was a little ignorant. It doesn’t seem likely it was invented by white people because they are unathletic. However, you are correct- if black people werent afraid of the cold, wed prolly dominate this sport too. just imagine lebron james comin at you on skates. compared to this homo nigga who dont even eat pussy.

        7 years ago at 7:21 pm
      2. danwatson81

        Seriously just shut the fuck up lol. I’d like to see Lebron even try to skate let alone go as fast as the slowest skater in the nhl.

        7 years ago at 8:01 pm
      3. Tom Wilson

        I bet if you have him 3 hours to practice he’d be faster than john Scott

        7 years ago at 9:54 pm
      4. GeorgeH31

        There’s black people in the NHL and I’d like to see you take a clapper to the nuts to make a save

        7 years ago at 8:45 pm
      5. anttiniemi

        Lebron would spend the whole game in the penalty box because the NHL gives penalties for embellishment, or, in a word you will understand, “flopping”.

        7 years ago at 10:03 pm
      6. TomPetty

        I don’t know if you realize that there’s a sport called football in which 68% of its players are black, many of which play in frigid weather.

        7 years ago at 5:44 am
  4. ThirdWaveFemBabe

    This highlights why the feminism’s war on blowjobs is so important. Even the oppressors think the practice is demeaning.

    7 years ago at 6:13 pm
  5. vinylscratch

    What makes me a loser? 😉 Nah but really, Benn’s a cutie and no harm was intended. Jokes, babe, hockey’s way more hilarious when you’re drunk and not taking yourself so seriously xoxo

    7 years ago at 7:32 pm