Hot Model Stalking Ronaldo Is Removed From Portugal’s Practice

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You know you’re living the dream when hot, Brazilian models start stalking you and you have to turn them away–which is exactly what happened to Cristiano Ronaldo at the beginning of the World Cup. Andressa Urach already made the headlines once by welcoming Ronaldo to the World Cup when she painted her body with his jersey. Apparently, that wasn’t enough to catch Ronaldo’s eye.

She decided to then do what any rational, hot model would do: go visit the man at practice. Ronaldo, unlike every other man alive, was none too pleased to see her on the sideline, so he gave her the boot. Given this, his demeanor, and the obvious amount of effort he puts into his general appearance (product is un-fucking-accpetable, that’s Pledgeship 101) this guy might just be into dudes.

According to Yahoo Sports:

Urach, however, was removed from the premises after gaining access with a press credential on behalf of a Brazilian television station that she is working with. “I came to say good luck to (Ronaldo) and got kicked out!” Urach wrote on her social media accounts. “Whatever happened to freedom of expression?”

All she wanted to do was say good luck to him. What an asshole. Ronaldo should really just give in. I mean, he pals around with prostitutes when he is in Brazil, so all things considered, a model is really a nice upgrade. All she probably wants is to have a 12-hour sex marathon with him to prove that Brazilian models can do what Chilean porn stars do. What’s the worst that could happen?

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Just come stalk my life. I’ve got a howitzer for an arm on the flag football field, babe.

[via Yahoo Sports]

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    1. Hoosier Fratter

      Try less. I find it very hard to believe youve never once seen a picture of him

      10 years ago at 4:38 pm
  1. Lyaziz

    you do know Ronaldo gets more ass than you all right… plus he is dating a Irina Shayk, so before you start your BS check your facts

    10 years ago at 12:55 pm
  2. Boozing_Buckeye

    That’s nice but he’s already dating this fine piece of ass so I don’t think he had to settle for prostitutes.

    10 years ago at 12:58 pm