Infograph: How College Football Fans Dress by Region

When I saw this infograph detailing the regional attire trends of American college football tailgaters, I immediately thought of you guys and all the fashionista-driven shit you sling at each other. If nothing else, this will provide you assholes some more ammo to use, but I think you’ll enjoy it. It’s really well done.

The infograph is done by T.K. Roosevelt. Now, I have a qualm or two with the getup of the South Region fella, but by and large, I think he does a pretty good job.

Every year, fans across the nation gather for the finest tailgating in the country. NCAA® Football Fans across America have traits and styles that are specific to the regions where their schools are located. Some styles have become tradition and some, for better or worse, will pass within a year or two.

Using the latest data available on the internet and fan submissions from, we’ve teamed up with Wheat Thins to launch the Bold Tailgate Awards. Our NCAA® Football Fan analysts have dissected each region’s style to give you a detailed look at college football trends across America.


    1. MYpaddle_YOURass

      Southwest sorosties for the win. Our guy looks like a pure geed though, god damnit.

      8 years ago at 8:19 pm
  1. kappapi699

    As a tailgater in the south, I can honestly say that the few people who dress like that to games are usually the ones who have no reason to be there. The majority of the tailgating population here dresses more like the southeast

    8 years ago at 10:36 am
  2. Broseph_Settles

    I go to a Midwest school and can tell you girls dress NOTHING like that for games, at least not in greek life. Only queers from Michigan and Indiana wear those goddamn overalls.

    8 years ago at 10:44 am
    1. yourfavgeed

      *University of Michigan

      and yeah, that was about as accurate as Texans loving the tucked-in tee.

      8 years ago at 11:02 am
    2. PowerHour

      disagree with this, most of the big ten schools wear overalls and pretty much everyone wears sweatshirts to games. I don’t but its definitely the vast majority.

      8 years ago at 11:11 am
    1. Frat Perpetually

      Maybe the people from Northern Virginia dress like that. NOVA is nothing like the rest of Virginia. Pennsylvania, Maryland, and NOVA can be classified as Mid-Atlantic, but I assure you that the rest of Virginia does not dress like that to tailgate.

      8 years ago at 1:38 pm
    2. I am drot nunk

      ^As a proud Virginian I support this statement. Actually, some parts of NOVA don’t dress like that, just the really shitty poor parts. I think of anything north of Fairfax as NOVA. McLean is an exception.

      8 years ago at 4:20 pm
    3. Est 1776

      Numerous greek organizations were founded at UVA. I cannot speak for VTech, which admittedly doesn’t have an particularly enviable greek scene, but at UVA you clearly see a dedication to traditional SEC-style game wear. Girls come in sundresses and the men in with coats and ties. Also, NOVA is actually the source for most preppy style. Tellingly, NOVA produces the most chapter Presidents, members, and revenue for the UVA greek system. The only other school I would consider analyzing would be HSU and W&L, but I imagine their greek members also are Fairfax, McLean, and Alexandria heavy. The rest of Virginia, south of Woodbridge, etc., does not actually have too much of a definitive character.

      8 years ago at 5:28 pm
    4. Frat Perpetually

      Anything above Fredricksburg is considered NOVA. Below that is the real Virginia, which is where the Southern roots are. Schools like UVA, Washington and Lee, Hamdpen-Sydney, and University of Richmond are all schools that dress in accordance with how the SEC dresses.

      8 years ago at 6:25 pm
    5. 2fratty

      Yeah, NOVA is a completely different world. As a Stafford native(NOVA) now in northeast Tennessee, I definitely see anything south of Fredericksburg and all the way down to the corner where Bristol is as part of the southeast.

      8 years ago at 6:53 pm
    6. I am drot nunk

      ^As a native of the Gainesville/Haymarket area in Prince William, I would like to disagree. Around my parts it is very much southern and country, but I definitely see where you are coming from. I retract my previous statement. Fuck NOVA, even though my area is “considered” NOVA.

      8 years ago at 9:00 pm
    7. Bronan the Barbarian

      As a Maryland student, I do not tailgate dressed like the fucking geed in the infograph. Some of Maryland does, but you go to the greek tailgates like that, and you won’t be let in.

      8 years ago at 10:10 pm
  3. CantFratThis

    How do people always fuck up the “midwest” region. Anyways, the dress for kansas st (south, wtf) is pretty spot on for my school. As for ku, I don’t think they got a large enough sample size of tailgaters to affect anything.

    8 years ago at 11:18 am
    1. KansasISFrat

      You know what, why don’t you just shut the fuck up. You’ve obviously never experienced game day north and west of the stadium in Lawrence.

      8 years ago at 12:10 pm
    2. The Fertile Turtle

      ^^ This coming from the guy who admits that the tucked in tee-shirt is an accurate description of his game day attire. TTheRingerM

      8 years ago at 12:25 pm
    3. CantFratThis

      Didn’t say it was an accurate description of mine. I definitely don’t abide by the “tuck”.

      “KansasIsFrat”- If you call tailgating a disbursement of mediocre house parties, yes I have been tailgating in those areas. Also, your name sounds like a pathetic attempt at validation, typical ku.

      8 years ago at 2:53 pm
    4. The Fertile Turtle

      Dude, you go to K State. Your fucking QB who is a Heisman frontrunner, national collegiate celebrity, and future NFL backup QB, used all of that power to hold a girls hand and peck her lips. If Colin Klein can’t get laid at that poor excuse of a woodshed that you call a University, how do you expect us to take your standard of what is and isn’t a Tailgate with any shed of seriousness?

      8 years ago at 8:37 pm
    5. CantFratThis

      Yes, Collin Klein getting laid and tailgating have a direct correlation. He’s probably getting laid more than you anyways (marital sex FTW?)

      8 years ago at 12:49 am
    6. Kansas Brohawks

      “KansasIsFrat” But bro, K-State has all those national championships K-State has makes them the best.

      8 years ago at 9:38 am
    7. American Rally Cap

      Brohawk, let’s not forget how relevant their program was before Snyder’s dusty balls took over. Such a storied program.

      8 years ago at 5:12 pm
    8. CantFratThis

      Nice english brohawk, dear lord. No wonder ku’s enrollment continues to decline.

      8 years ago at 6:03 pm
    9. American Rally Cap

      Our enrollment is actually up this year, and still about 6,500 higher than yours. Not to mention our endowment is roughly 3 times KState’s. Swing and a miss, champ.

      8 years ago at 9:19 pm
    10. CantFratThis

      Then how come you still play football in what looks like a high school stadium? Seriously, you have a track around your football field. Meanwhile, us “hayseeds” are adding a 75 million dollar expansion. Use some of that extra endowment and try not to embarrass the rest of the Big 12 with that dump you call a football stadium.

      8 years ago at 10:04 pm
    11. Broseph_Settles

      Both kansas schools are fucking pathetic at football with shitty all time records and small ass stadiums.

      8 years ago at 1:09 am
    12. American Rally Cap

      We seem to believe football has no importance. It pisses me off. And we’re getting ready to do a $200 million renovation and do away with the track.

      8 years ago at 3:22 pm
    1. Cockmeatsandwich

      ^^^ winning an ACC championship is like being crowned the world’s tallest midget, big Fuckin deal. SEC all day

      8 years ago at 2:53 pm
  4. BoykinSpaniel

    Southeast was pretty close but I’ll stick with my red pants and black blazer

    8 years ago at 11:57 am
    1. Booze

      The two women in the Southeast graphic are perfect examples of the contrast between a sorostitute and a GDI.

      8 years ago at 12:18 pm
    2. PierceGregoryParks

      Black blazer and red pants? Come to Ole Miss we’ll show you how to really dress.

      8 years ago at 2:21 pm
    3. BoykinSpaniel

      Oh right because red pants and a navy blazer are so different. I do actually want to tailgate at the grove at some point in my life.

      8 years ago at 9:34 pm