If You’re Trying To Win Free Alcohol Money, That University Of Arizona Kid Is Offering A 2nd Alcohol Scholarship


A few days ago, we wrote about this guy at the University of Arizona who used his leftover scholarship money to start his own alcohol scholarship for one lucky individual — who had a quality résumé by the way. Well, the kid is back at it again, offering up yet another booze grant for some lucky son of a gun who can drink himself into oblivion.

I just opened the scholarship for a second round due to high demand, picking a new winner on May 1st and paying for his/her alcohol for an entire semester

If you’re going to apply for one scholarship and one scholarship only, it’s this one. I mean, come on — we’re talking about free booze for a whole damn semester. Think about the possibilities. If you’re winning anywhere between $2K-$5K to spend on alcohol, that can get you a lot in a college town.

If you want to win, you’re going to have to stand out above the rest. The applicants may or may not need to be enrolled for next fall (the application has an “other” option, under which I wrote “maybe”). You will be required to answer a few other questions like: GPA, extracurricular activities, Twitter name, and favorite alcoholic beverage. Oh, and you’ll need to write an essay for it.

If this interests you, and it really should because free beer is free beer, then you can follow Jack on Twitter, or you can follow this link to fill out an application.