Inspiring: Fraternity Member Survives On Only $100 A Day


Local fraternity man Chad Camden has always sought to do what he can to help out. Last summer, he made a flight to the impoverished city of Cabo San Lucas, where he pumped thousands of dollars into the local economy. To top even that display of selflessness, Camden, 21, recently decided to take on a whole new challenge: Survive on only $100 dollars a day.

To be fair, the only reason Camden is taking this challenge is because his parents have cut his weekly allowance in half following a recent incident in which he vomited during the viewing at his great aunt’s funeral. Circumstances notwithstanding, he is going to be doing something he’s never done in his whole life. We caught up with him at the end of his “challenge” and asked him about the whole experience.

TFM: Did you get off to a good start with your challenge?

C: “Not at all. It started off on a really hungover Saturday morning, and it took all the strength I could muster not to splurge on brunch. I fucked that up pretty good, as I spent $47 on the brunch, including five mimosas. I got pretty trashed and ended up having to call an Uber to get back home, putting me down an additional $15 bucks. It wasn’t even noon, and I’d already blown over half of my budget for the day.

Fast forward to the evening, and I was only working with $18 for the rest of the night. I really wanted to hit the bars, so I got cost-effective and bought some Everclear to pregame with. I ended up blacking out before we ever got to the bars, which left me $13 under my cap of 100. Not a terrible first day.”

TFM: But you finished strong, right?

C: “Sort of. I went way over-budget on day 4, bet my friend $250 on a dogfight and that Cocker Spaniel let me down hard. I had to basically starve myself for the next two days, save for some free samples at Costco. I was really down in the dumps by the end of day 6, but I pulled through somehow.”

TFM: What were some things you took away from the whole experience?

C: “I learned how to make sacrifices in my life when times get tough. When I went out to the bars on Thursday night, I had to be pretty frugal and seek out the $2 wells. The liquor store actually had a closeout sale, and I had to resist buying hundreds of dollars worth of stuff.

I guess I learned that some people have it a lot tougher than I do, and maybe their parents only give them like a couple hundred for the whole week. I don’t know man, that shit is fucked up. I might even fuck around and apply for a job soon, who knows.”

Camden’s story is an inspiring one, and proves that such challenges and sacrifices can make one a better person. Next time we’ll be speaking with a man who gave up dipping cold-turkey for a whole week, and lived to tell about it.

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