Iraq War Veteran Risks Life To Save Dog Hit By Car

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Looks like this army vet doubles as an animal vet. After witnessing a hit-and-run involving a heartless asshole driving a car and a beagle, Aaron Schneider, a U.S. Army Reserve Iraq War veteran, jumped into action.

From WDAF:

Schneider crossed three lanes of traffic on foot and put himself in between oncoming traffic and the dog until he was able to coax the injured beagle off of the interstate, according to reports.

Initially, he tried picking the beagle up, but the dog was in substantial pain and was defensive, so Schneider called 911 and was then referred to animal control for assistance.

After waiting with the injured pup for hours in the rain, Schneider and a friend were finally able to get the dog to warm up to them. They then stretchered him up and transported him to an animal clinic.

“At the end of the day, my combat lifesaver training kicked in, and I’m thankful I was able to use it to help him,” said Schneider. “Having served in Iraq, you see a lot of loss, which is one of the reasons I was determined to see him make it.”

The dog, named Buster by the staff at the animal clinic, suffers from broken ribs, a torn windpipe, and internal bleeding, but is expected to make a full recovery. This is good news for both Buster and Schneider, because due to Buster’s lack of identification, it is likely that Schneider will take his new buddy home with him after he is discharged.

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Stories like this just warm my heart. They also make me wish dogs genuinely liked me and didn’t just use my legs as humping posts. It’s getting pretty annoying. I mean, I know I’m a bitch, but that doesn’t mean I’m your bitch. You still have to woo me first. Share your Kibbles ‘n Bits with me, let me lick all of the peanut butter out of your kong, slurp-split a noodle with me behind an Italian restaurant–maybe after that, I’ll let Big Red come out to play, but that’s still just a maybe.

The Soldier’s Creed says never leave a fallen comrade, and Schneider did not. What a great American.

[via WDAF]

  1. IU_Cycler

    I had a pet beagle who had to be put down earlier this year because he had pancreatic cancer. I will make sure to raise my beer just for you sir

    10 years ago at 11:27 am
  2. OnceAPikeAlwaysAPike

    Being there when a dog is in need and knowing he will always be there when you need him from there on out. That’s why they are man’s best friend

    10 years ago at 11:32 am
  3. Frat Albert

    You, sir, are an American hero. Makes me damn proud to live in the greatest country in the world.

    10 years ago at 11:35 am
  4. Makers__Mark

    Kudos to The DeVry Guy for his ability to twist something funny and absolutely ridiculous into a heartwarming story

    10 years ago at 12:00 pm