Jim Nantz Is A Psychopath

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Jim Nantz may be one of the best announcers in all of sports. There’s just something soothing about the sound of his voice, especially when it comes to his annual coverage of the Masters. Seriously, listen to this…

Just gives me goosebumps listening to that. While he may be able to bring a grown man like myself to tears with his pipes, it doesn’t mean he’s exempt from being a goddamn psychopath. You may be wondering where these type of accusations come from. In a recent interview with Golf Digest, Jim sat down to talk about everything from golf to his choice in breakfast.

I’m a breakfast guy: three eggs scrambled, with bacon and wheat toast, burnt. The problem is, it never came back burnt. For years it would arrive limp and tan, which brought breakfast to a standstill when I sent the toast back. It was costing me 10 minutes a day, which, multiplied by six days a week, is four hours a month. That’s 48 hours—two full days—per year. My friends, time is currency. My wife, Courtney, got tired of hearing me complain about it. She found a photograph on the Internet of a kitchen toaster ejecting two slices of burnt toast. She minimized it, printed it out and had it laminated. She insisted I put it in my wallet. When I order, I present the photo to my server. I get some strange looks, but I can assure you, the toast now arrives black and scary, just the way I like it

You’re not getting strange looks because you’re presenting a server with a picture of burnt toast. You’re getting strange looks because you order burnt toast in the first place. I’m not just talking about a light burnt, we’re talking full-on, blacker than night burnt toast.

Jim did have this to say about who he thinks will win the 2016 Masters, though:

Phil won in 2004. He won two years later, in 2006. Four later, in 2010, he won again. Now it’s 2016, six years later. Two … four … six. If the Nantz Law of Mathematical Progression follows, 2016 will again be Phil’s year.

A guy crazy enough to create his own law of mathematical progression and eat burnt toast might just be crazy enough to predict the winner. All in on Phil to win it.

[via Golf Digest]

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    1. StoryTeller

      Have you ever seen his swing, his wife, his bank account, his belt/shoes combos, his trash talk abilities, his hair, or his confident attitude? He’s won a lot more than you, buddy.

      8 years ago at 12:33 pm
      1. prex8390

        Yeah and has won more than more you as well. He just isn’t getting the Jacket this year.

        8 years ago at 3:34 pm
      2. Bill Wallace

        Dad bod…need to include dad bod. Phil’s titties sag through his dri-fit shirts every round and he absolutely owns it.

        8 years ago at 4:24 pm
    1. TSMTechGuy

      Something tells me it starts Thursday, March 31st at 10. I can’t recall where I saw it though.

      8 years ago at 1:59 pm
  1. Probation Station

    There is something about Phil’s swing that mesmerizes me. I’ve literally been trying to mirror it for years, despite the fact he’s left handed and I’m not. If my wedge game ever gets half as good as his, I’ll die a happy man. Here’s to rooting for Phil for this years Masters.

    8 years ago at 12:34 pm
  2. Only4.99

    He’s got the best announcing gig in all of sports. NFL, March Madness, and the Masters.

    8 years ago at 2:30 pm
      1. SlutsWillbeSluts

        Well yeah but they never would sit together. Nantz would sit with Aikman, which would be pretty fantastic actually

        8 years ago at 6:28 pm
  3. Bill Wallace

    Cheap, phone ordered strippers could easily be substituted for how Jim likes his toast

    8 years ago at 3:02 pm