JMU Fiji Dies After Drinking Potent Concoction, Brothers Start GoFundMe


Steven Austin Underhill, a junior at James Madison University and a member of Fiji, died this past weekend after allegedly drinking a substance known as “poppy tea.”

From Daily Mail:

Police say they are trying to determine whether the student’s death was caused by a drug called ‘poppy tea,’ which has been described as an intoxicating solution made from common household products, including poppy seeds.

Poppy tea has become new to the streets and is clearly very dangerous. Some of the known side effects include: drowsiness, stomach ache, lethargy, urinary retention, constipation, and nausea. At high doses, it becomes dangerous and can cause death through factors like respiratory arrest or inhalation of vomit. Frequent users can become dependent and withdrawal can cause cramps, insomnia, craving, lethargy, and mental problems.

Underhill was a humorous, witty and athletic kid, playing on both travel soccer teams and teams at school. Austin Zyzmor, a Fiji brother of Underhill’s, has launched a GoFundMe page to help the family with funeral expenses. At the time this article was written, the fund was less than $1,000 away from hitting the $5,000 goal.

The 21-year-old is survived by his parents and two siblings, Michelle and Garrett. Underhill, who was majoring in engineering with a minor in math, was set to graduate next spring.

Our thoughts are with the friends and family of Steven.

[via Daily Mail]

Image via GoFundMe

      1. CantDriveDixieDown

        This sounds about as respectful as huffing air duster or snorting bath salts. Respect is earned not concocted in a bathroom sink.

        8 years ago at 11:10 am
      1. FratchetMan

        Pretty sure the comments on folks dying from bath salts or crack would be decidedly different and less beneficent.

        8 years ago at 11:07 pm
      2. CantDriveDixieDown

        chief coma, your comment is rich. Do I feel bad for his parents, friends, and family members? Absolutely. This has got to be a humiliating, tragic way to lose a loved one. Do I feel bad for him for ODing on some shit that he brewed in his fucking bathroom? No I do not. It’s irresponsible and reckless. Any college educated adult should realize that injesting an unknown amount of opiates just might kill you. It sucks but Darwin’s theory proved to be true yet again.

        8 years ago at 11:26 pm
  1. SigmaAlphaMan

    Writing this article and getting the word out contributed thousands to his gofundme page. Nice work guys.

    8 years ago at 8:33 am