This Trump Impersonator Makes 40k Per Month

Trump Impersonator

John Di Domenico just seems like one of those guys who has life figured out. While most of us are scrounging through couch cushions in search of a few coins to put toward our next trip to the bar, John casually makes a cool $40,000 a month by impersonating Donald Trump. Di Domenico’s Trump impersonations started 12 years ago when he was called in to do a voice over for Trump, so naturally he went out and did what any sane-minded individual would do — buy the first season of “The Apprentice” and devote the next 30 hours of his life to watching it and mastering the Trump persona.

As expected, the fake Trump business has really skyrocketed for Di Domenico ever since the start of Trump’s presidential campaign, with rates ranging anywhere from $5,000 to $15,000 per event that he does. When in character, Di Domenico admits that he tends “to be a little more rude, a little more crude, and a little more crass,” essentially summing up the fact that he makes bank off of simply being an asshole.

It looks as though Di Domenico’s Apprentice binge watching investment is finally starting to pay off. Some people just get lucky.

[via Business Insider]

    1. StoryTeller

      Did you make your picture a southern blend can because you assumed that would make you look more frat?

      8 years ago at 9:39 am
  1. Frattastic41

    I wonder how much money Dorn could make off impersonating Jared Fogle. He’s already got most of his characteristics down.

    8 years ago at 9:40 am
    1. Hoosier_SNU

      He used to live 2 miles down the road from my family. Weird dude (obviously).

      8 years ago at 10:04 am