“John From Kentucky” Calls Into Radio Show To Blast Host, Turns Out To Be John Calipari

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WFAN’s Mike Francesca had Kentucky’s basketball coach, John Calipari, on his radio show on Wednesday. Francesca decided to take a shot at Calipari, saying that he isn’t a good Xs and Os coach–after Calipari had left the studio.

Calipari heard this after leaving the studio and decided to give Francesca a big ol’ “fuck you” by calling into the radio show as “John from Kentucky.” Although he only pretended to be someone else for less than a sentence, Calipari called out Francesca for not having the balls to say he wasn’t a good coach while he was in the studio.

“What are you saying, I can’t coach? Why didn’t you say it when I was sitting next to you?”

Francesca and Calipari then went back and forth for a bit before Calipari told Francesca that people call him “The Magician” for the things he does. While that nickname would really only be cool if you’re trying to impress 7-year-old children, when you can get the recruiting classes he pulls every year, you can go along with whatever ridiculous nickname you want.

Go ‘Cats.

[via ESPN]

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  1. ZeteNJ

    I’m neutral on Calipari, but man, Francesca has traditionally been a useless sack of shit.

    10 years ago at 11:29 am