Kappa Alpha Wall At Tulane Torn Down By Trespassers

What Really Happened At Tulane KA

It’s a rough day for Kappa Alpha Order at Tulane.

As our sister site TSM reported, the chapter has received an endless amount of backlash on social media for their continuation of an annual tradition of building a wall around their house.

Whether of their own choosing or by vandalism — there’s no proof of one situation or the other — messages promoting Trump and his “build that wall” quote covered the wall of sandbags. There were also allegedly racial slurs mixed in with the odd paint job, but no clear photos of any such words have yet surfaced.

In an attempt to justify the villainizing of this chapter, the liberals have dug up a photo over 20 years old to tie the group to racist values.

What they fail to recognize is that Robert E. Lee, who served in both the US and Confederate armies, was listed by Kappa Alpha’s founders as an inspiration for his chivalry and gentlemanly conduct. He was named a spiritual founder in 1923. So even though it rubs you the wrong way if you don’t know the full story, KA wasn’t celebrating racism back in 1985, they were celebrating the heritage of their organization.

Bringing us back to the present, the wall built by Tulane KA was ravaged by a whole bunch of overly sensitive citizens who probably were concerned about their safe space. Even though the wall was entirely on the property that the KA house sits on, these social justice warriors took to trespassing and going full Ronald Reagan, tearing down the wall.

If you listen carefully, you can hear brothers and or pledges reasoning with the trespassers that they are working to take the wall down and insisting they leave the “private property.”

There has still been no response from Kappa Alpha.

Image via Twitter@TulaneKA

    1. MrPresident1865

      The chapter hadn’t done anything wrong but going full Birmingham on people might not be such a good idea….

      8 years ago at 9:03 am
      1. HillFratty

        Why not. These asshats seem to think it is acceptable to come on private property, bully and destroy property. Some where along the way some one is going to have to stand up to these thugs.
        I know we get our revenge because the will go through life asking do you want fries with that. But they are going to be just that much bolder next time, and next time someone gets hurt.

        8 years ago at 5:20 pm
    1. coreyale

      So? Frats cause trouble and do illegal things all the time. You don’t like it when people stereotype you all as racists, yet you make racist comments, they get plenty of up-votes. It’s not surprising to me that you frat boys are just racist and hateful towards anyone that’s not like you. Why don’t you just admit you don’t like anyone who isn’t white, and that you think that black people are subhuman?

      8 years ago at 7:57 pm
      1. GeneralChocha

        Thank you for wasting the 5 minutes to create that account and look like a jackass for us all to laugh at. You can see yourself out now.

        8 years ago at 8:01 pm
      2. coreyale

        I’m telling the truth. This site is full of racists who get upset when people call them out on it. I’ve been on this site for 2 years now. I will see occasional articles saying “fraternities are not built on racism.” You all will say “Oklahoma SAE is not representative of all frats” But then people will make racist comments about black athletes, and everyone will agree with it. You are just hypocrites.

        8 years ago at 8:04 pm
      3. Oldjon

        So you’re complaining about how “you frat boys” don’t like anyone not like you, but you’re segmenting and judging one entire demographic based off the alleged actions of a few? At least my prejudices/stereotypes are based on solid facts and statistics.

        8 years ago at 8:29 pm
      4. coreyale

        And so are mine. Fraternities have rates of sexual assault and rape 3x greater than the national average. Your biases are racist and you people are what’s wrong with society.

        8 years ago at 8:37 pm
      5. TSMTechGuy

        Since this person is clearly uneducated on the matter, let me explain mathematically why his “3x national average” theory is illogical. There are 293,000 sexual assaults a year out of 151,800,000 males in the US, leaving us with a small fraction of sexual criminals within the American public (still a large issue, of course). Since 1/4 of sexual attackers are repeat offenders, it’s logical to conclude that they make up around 35% of the sexual assaults (potentially greater). Take that 65% and multiply it by 3, because it happens here at “3x the national average.” Finally, multiply the remaining percentage by the 3,036,000 fraternity men in America (~2% of all American males) and you’re left with 11,429 unique sex offenders per year, this man would claim, that are in fraternities.

        Do you legitimately believe that every year over 11 thousand fraternity men convict these obscene crimes? Use your brains.

        8 years ago at 9:10 pm
      6. Rufio_LotLB

        The sexual assault rate is higher in the dorms at my school than greek housing. Sexual assault is NF.

        8 years ago at 11:42 pm
      7. Rufio_LotLB

        Shut up whitey. It’s the modern age, a Mexican was president of my fraternity in 2015, the same man that recruited myself and 5 other mexicans, 2 Indians (international and local), 2 asians, a Sri Lankan, and an african american. That’s 35% of my chapter. I want you to go to sleep tonight thinking about a brown man in boat shoes and 5″ inseams fucking your bitch.

        8 years ago at 11:48 pm
      8. Mr.Burns57

        It’s not that we don’t like black people, we just don’t like black people who are like you.

        8 years ago at 10:16 am
      9. Ticklemyfrock

        All racist means anymore is wearing a sombrero or writing trump in chalk. Not a big deal anymore, nice try though… You’ve destroyed that word from overuse

        8 years ago at 12:11 pm
    2. Ole R.E Lee

      “Racial Slurs on the wall” if there were any, I’m willing to bet it was liberals writing (vandalizing) it to create something to add fuel to the fire.

      8 years ago at 11:14 pm
      1. fratsohardUn1versity

        Society blames the victims…the members. Shit this is racism against KA and whites no questions asked. Imagine if whites did this to a black fraternity. Where were the cops? And how do liberals get off blaming KA for this

        8 years ago at 5:03 pm
  1. jayou15

    It’s clearly written into the Constitution that the 1st amendment only applies if you’re a liberal

    8 years ago at 5:20 pm
    1. Snake300

      Well, if you mean that the founding fathers, if they ran for office today, would be called filthy libtards by the current crop of republican candidates, then you’re sorta right.

      Bring back real conservatism.

      Yeah, laps, but it needs to be said. Sick on non-conservative republicanism nonsense taking over this country.

      8 years ago at 3:36 pm

    The Tulane football players dismantled that wall the same way opposing teams dismantled Tulane’s defense

    8 years ago at 5:23 pm
  3. Premed Dr.penis

    We need to start playing by liberal rules I say mass protest and ask for someone to resign

    8 years ago at 5:23 pm
  4. geed_N_proud

    It’s at the point now that I honestly thing liberals are going to start protesting July 4th because it isn’t encompassing of all nationalities.

    8 years ago at 5:32 pm
    1. Bush Light

      I personally think Mother’s and Father’s day is next. We will have a single “Parent’s Day” so we don’t offend all those homosexuals, transgenders, whites, blacks, those who identify as potatoes, notebooks, cigarettes etc. I guarantee this will happen and it’s going to be a damn sad day when it does.

      8 years ago at 7:14 pm
      1. RisingFratstarOfTX

        If somebody identifies as a notebook in this country, I’m moving to North Korea. At least the crazy that little power-tripping midget dishes out has a source I can trace back to.

        8 years ago at 7:31 pm