The MLB taking a team from Canada and relocating it to our nation's capital. TFM.

  1. Potty Putter

    Is that like taking a piece of shit from a toilet and placing it under your pillow?

    12 years ago at 7:32 pm
    1. yourfavgeed

      No. No, it was not.

      But you can imagine what it’d be like if they did, right?

      12 years ago at 8:07 pm
  2. YourMomsASexyCunt

    I’d rather have Rosie O’Donnell ass fuck than follow ‘@FratboyProbs’

    12 years ago at 8:24 pm
  3. Shitty Canadian team gets Americanized and becomes a powerhouse in just a few years. It’s a TFM, guys.

    12 years ago at 8:40 am