Guy Takes Mugshot In Shirt With His Previous Mugshot Plastered On The Front

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Robert Burt is a 19-year-old resident of Pittsfield, Maine, who was arrested earlier this summer for a DUI. During his booking, Burt wore a plain, white T-shirt while rocking a marvelous mustache.

Burt just looks like your typical, white trash fuck up, and other than the ‘stache, there seems to be nothing remotely interesting about him. At least, that was the case until his most recent mugshot started circling the Internet.

After taking a plea, Burt was ordered to serve a 48-hour sentence at Somerset County Jail. He apparently made some preparations beforehand and had a friend create this piece of art:

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Yes, Burt came ready, rocking an orange T-shirt with his mugshot from two months prior plastered on the front.

From The Smoking Gun:

The t-shirt photo was captioned “Burt Family Reunion 8/8-8/10/2014” and “sponsored by Bud Light and Somerset County Sheriff.”

Beneath Burt’s mug shot was a second image showing a cat sitting on a couch flanked by a TV remote and a bottle of Bud Light. The cat photo, sadly, was too far down the shirt to be captured by the jail’s mug shot camera.

Here’s the full shirt, cat included.

Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 12.39.11 PM

The police were surprisingly amused, and they actually made Burt hold the slate so the T-shirt was clearly visible. It’s a damn shame the cat didn’t make the cut, but this mugshot still ranks amongst the best, at least in recent memory.

[via The Smoking Gun]

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