Kim K Posts Nude To Twitter To Remind Us How Good She Looks Naked

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 8.46.00 AM

Kim Kardashian is at it again. Because the family does not get enough attention as it is, or she’s worried people forgot about her after her hubby’s latest episode, she decided to put herself back on the map. What’s the best way to do that? Firing out a nudie on Twitter, of course.

As a guy, I’m inclined to look when someone says “celebrity nude pic.” However, she really doesn’t do much for me. Too thick in my book.

If Kendall wants to go ahead and post a full nude for all the world to see, without the black bars, I’m all eyes.

Image via Instagram/@kimkardashian

  1. John High

    If I ever had the chance to smash everything in me would say no but we all know how that works out.

    8 years ago at 10:05 am
  2. R4PEandPILL4GE

    you piece of shit theres nothing nude about this photo unless your sexually attracted to black rectangles

    8 years ago at 10:06 am
  3. Texas Tux and Oil

    Define “good”, don’t get me wrong I would but she is 1 mouth full of Ray Js dick away from being a whale.

    8 years ago at 10:10 am
  4. Lucas Scott

    She might have something to wear if her husband wasn’t 53 million dollars in dept

    8 years ago at 10:23 am
      1. Fratrick Henry III

        Taking on debt to become a WGS major and complaining when you can’t find a job. SJW

        8 years ago at 11:10 am
  5. sofratyolotfm

    Ol’ Bobby Kardashian is probably glad he’s six feet under after looking down and seeing how his offspring turned out

    8 years ago at 10:29 am
    1. TacticalButterKnife

      What made you think this would do better than your original comment? Clearly, it wasn’t the spelling.

      8 years ago at 10:38 am