Wearing Costas with frat straps at night because the sun never sets on cool. TFM.

  1. T.J. Rockafeller

    This is one of the most NF things ever. Wearing sunglasses at night or indoors is one of the most GuiDI things imaginable. The only reason to wear sunglasses at night is because you’re blind.

    11 years ago at 9:19 pm
  2. The United States of the Southland

    Follow the rule of fratural light, if there is any possibility you might have to squint because of a natural source of light, then sunglasses around the neck are fine. If you are drunk before the sun goes down and you forget, it is probably okay too.

    11 years ago at 8:15 am
  3. Brosiden

    honestly we need to figure out here whos frat and whos wanna-frat. copying another guys post is lame, on top of that wearing sunglasses at night is indeed, GDI. You could have at least said wore them around your neck, but even then your copying the other post… my advice get the fuck off here GDI and go back to my life is bro the lamest website online.

    11 years ago at 12:29 pm