LeSean McCoy Used to Say “McCoy” as He Juked People in Practice

It might be time to have a serious discussion about the McCoy last name and the powers it’s capable of bestowing upon those lucky enough to be apart of its lineage. This next addition to the McCoy lore was revealed by University of Pittsburgh senior defensive back Andrew Taglianetti, who was a freshman during McCoy’s final season at Pittsburgh. Taglianetti had the near impossible task of trying to tackle a McCoy in practice.

Here is he explaining it on Twitter:

That’s not surprising. McCoy is a great running back and star on many fantasy football rosters. This next tweet makes the story much more interesting, though. He followed up that quick anecdote with this bombshell:

LeSean McCoy’s touchdown to “McCoy” jukes ratio is sitting at a respectable 5:5, and the legend grows stronger.


  1. Fratting in 1868

    Since we’re doing interesting facts about sports stars, something about Roger Dorn ya’ll might not know is that in his contract he doesnt have to do any calisthenics that he doesn’t feel are necessary.

    12 years ago at 2:56 pm
  2. PorkRinds1856

    You asshole, why did you remove my comment? it was merely a statement of fact. This makes me want to drive my ass down 35, chop your head off and fuck your windpipe using the gushing blood as lube.
    Team Bacon/Team Pork Products!

    12 years ago at 8:43 pm