“Life, love, and p*ssy” – Outrageous Sigma Chi Email Leaked (UPDATED)


The president of Sigma Chi has released their official statement with regard to the email.

We deeply regret the message that was sent through our listserv encouraging actions that are inconsistent with our values as Sigma Chis. The message was disrespectful toward women, and that is not who we are as a chapter. We have moved to suspend the individual who was responsible for the message and International Fraternity leaders are taking action to ensure proper disciplinary measures are taken. Rest assured that we are also voluntarily taking an internal review of our membership, to be sure that our chapter is comprised only of men of the highest character. Until then, we have voluntarily and proactively ceased normal chapter operations.

You’re about to be introduced to a guy, a Sigma Chi from College of William and Mary, that loves him some vagina, as evidenced by this description from his chapter-wide email: “God’s greatest gift: the box.” There are several lines from the email that express the greatness of the vagina, and multiple vaginal euphemisms to take in, all driving the point home that the emailer really admires the vagina.

TFM’s better half, Total Sorority Move, received an anonymous tip about the below email and broke the story. It comes from Sigma Chi’s listserv, and it’s a must-read.

Subject: Life, love, and pussy

Guys, I just want to put out an early semester reminder that life is good. You’re here, you’re alive, your penis may not always work, but it hasn’t fallen off yet; be thankful. I ask you all to take a few seconds off from complaining about the cold, or preparing your schedule for Spring 2016, and look around you. There’s beer to be drunk, porn to view, and sluts to fuck. Let me reiterate that last point: sluts are everywhere. While walking from class to class with your head down limiting exposure to the arctic winds of late, take notice of the feet shuffling by. See some riding boots? Some uggs? A hideous pair of rain boots without a cloud in sight? Now, raise your gaze from the footwear up, allow your eyes to wander from the feet up the long and slender legs of the lesser sex until finally you arrive at God’s greatest gift: the box.

Now stop. Take it all in, breath deep, imagine what kind of underwear she’s wearing, even entertain the idea she may not be wearing any at all, but stare as long as you please, they don’t mind.

Now refocus. That vagina needs you. Never mind the extremities that surround it, the 99% of horrendously illogical bullshit that makes up the modern woman, consider only the 1%, the snatch. Empires have risen and fallen at the hands of the female genitalia. It has made many men, and crushed countless more. Don’t allow yourself to fall victim, don’t be another statistic. Master your craft, hone your skills, and perfect your stroke. Put two moist sponges in a solo cup and fuck that until you get it right if you have to, but do not settle until you’ve done just that: gotten it right. I can’t do this alone boys. I’m losing sleep at night thinking of all the pussies crying out for a good fuck and not getting it, so I’m reaching out to you all in a time of need to initiate my community outreach program: Save the Sluts. Don’t let this beautiful opportunity go to waste. Seize the moment, stuff the box, and put the neglected pussies that haunt my dreams to rest.

Thank you all, and good luck.

The chapter’s current president responded to the email soon after the story was published. He confirmed the email’s source and authenticity, although he claims he doesn’t know who wrote it.

[via Total Sorority Move]

  1. FUBAR1776

    dunno if it just me but like a quarter of the text on the right side is missing or covered by the ad bar.

    6 years ago at 10:33 am
    1. frat_rageous

      this only varies in a very few shades from a philanthropic undertaking
      why must we all cower in the shadows of the public opinion, away from the light that is the truth we all know?

      6 years ago at 8:25 pm
    2. BoozinCruizin

      Seriously, why can’t people laugh and move on? I think the real importance/problem is the betrayer who leaked the email. This guy was just making an elaborate joke in private; expel the cockslap who sold out his brother.

      6 years ago at 8:55 pm
    3. silver25

      So what everyone who agrees with this post is saying is…

      Your mother, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, female cousins, daughters, female friends, girlfriends and wives (future or current) are worthless. The only thing that is of any worth is their vagina. Which is just waiting to be fucked. The rest of the love and the things that make up their personality are, “the 99% of horrendously illogical bullshit that makes up the modern woman”.

      So half of the human race that lives on this earth is nothing more than a piece of meat with, “pussies crying out for a good fuck and not getting it”.

      Wow everyone here seems like they’re a grade A human being. I’m sure all the women in your family would be real proud.

      The only “illogical bullshit” would be the the fact that you are included in the human race.

      6 years ago at 9:51 pm
      1. ReaganYourMomsBush

        Well the OP is from California and joined the site about 18 hours ago I’m assuming (and this is goin way out on a big ole limb here) for the soul purpose of making this one post rant aimed at some poor fuck whose harmless albeit ill thought out joke has earned him a suspension from his chapter and whatever “proper disciplinary actions” his nationals decide to take.

        6 years ago at 3:46 pm
      2. silver25

        inhocFaf, No, actually I don’t. I”m not the one being a misogynist piece of shit on here. Along with racist, someone said “the token black guy should take the fall for it”.

        ReaganYourMomsBush, yes I did create my profile so I could comment about this extremely sexist and offensive post. Especially after all the comments are essentially giving this guy a high five, while saying sexist remarks themselves.

        The problem with this email is that talking about women in this manner is what perpetuates violence against women. It degrades them and makes them lesser of a human then men, which means they are treated as a lesser human.

        By perpetuating violence, I mean that it continues to lead to 1 out of ever 5 women being raped, 1 of of every 4 women dealing with domestic violence in their life (which by the way costs this country $9.5 billion every year) and 1 out of ever 3 women is sexually molested. These facts come from the Center for Disease Control and the United Nations.

        So start counting out all the women in your life you have been effected by any of these and it will start to add up.

        If by California, you mean the 5th best state for women to live in then yeah.
        Here’s the 10 worst:
        41. Idaho 42.South Carolina 43.Indiana 44.Louisiana 45.Alabama 46.Kentucky 47.West Virginia 48.Arkansas 49.Oklahoma 50.Mississippi

        As I said in my post above, I’m sure all women in your life would be real proud of the things you’ve been saying about them.

        6 years ago at 4:35 am
      3. ZeteNJ

        Oh shit, the UN said it? You mean the same organization that has a human rights commission composed of China, Russia, and Saudi Arabia, where women are stoned to death for being raped? That UN? Super citation. As we all know, the UN has a stellar track record on women’s rights.

        6 years ago at 2:48 am
      4. TopSider7

        Silver, honestly no one read that long ass post. So do us all asolidd and just start running.

        6 years ago at 8:24 am
  2. FDM

    “Put two moist sponges in a solo cup and fuck that until you get it right if you have to” golden

    6 years ago at 10:40 am
  3. Ira_Haze

    Future TFM Staff writer. It all starts here and then you have the next DeVry Guy

    6 years ago at 10:41 am