Lil Dicky’s New Freestyle Rap Is Straight Fire

  1. Yoyoyoyoyoyo

    The fuck is this, middle school? Anyone that says “straight fire” should be thrown straight into a fire.

    8 years ago at 1:21 pm
  2. Fraddington_bear

    “Lil Dicky takes shit, subsequently wipes ass, best ass wiper in the game!”

    8 years ago at 1:23 pm
  3. JakeFromState

    Watch the “Let me freak” music video on YouTube if you already haven’t. The lyrics combined with the video make for a pretty good laugh.

    8 years ago at 2:25 pm
      1. Sultan Of Swat

        Anaheim changed their got damn logo and it’s impossible to find. Side note, did not know that they were once “the mighty ducks of Anaheim”. So that’s where the mighty ducks got their name for that movie, same logo too.

        8 years ago at 9:29 pm
      2. Sultan Of Swat

        And I know I’ll get lapped for that. But at least one of you bitches learned something today.

        8 years ago at 9:32 pm
  4. jcpark218

    His best song is Russell Westbrook On A Farm, the one over the Drake “Pound Cake” beat

    8 years ago at 5:21 pm