Lil Wayne Starts Brawl At “Stop The Violence” Charity Basketball Game

Lil Wayne Starts Brawl At ‘Stop The Violence’ Charity Basketball Game

Lil Wayne started a bench-clearing brawl during a charity basketball game aimed at putting a “stop to the violence” on Sunday.

Weezy disagreed with several of the referee’s calls in the charity hoops match between his team, Young Money, and the opposing team, coached by a gentleman named Loose Cannon Slim (just when you thought this story couldn’t squeeze in another layer of irony).

President Carter settles his beef with the official the only way a badass gangster who raps almost exclusively about beating people in fights would. He spit on him.

The self-professed “Best Rapper Alive” then storms the court in a beeline for the referee, but not without the help of a posse of dozens backing him up.

The excitement of the scenario causes the lady filming to have some sort of seizure and shout “OH BRUH! OH BRUH! OH BRUH! OH BRUH!” repeatedly.

The ref quickly retreats into the audience. Way to show ‘em, Weezy! Dawg, you so hard. Celebrate with a goblet of vodka and cough medicine, and then hit up the nearest tattoo parlor and ink some spit droplets coming out of your mouth.

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  1. FratensteinsMonster

    Boosh already covered this in a way, but honestly the fact that people like lil Wayne are “role models” for young black kids is the reason that a “stop the violence” game has to be played in the first place. Rap music is fun to listen to, and I listen to it myself sometimes (not lil Wayne though), but that shit is cultural poison for those who take it seriously.

    5 years ago at 2:10 pm