Liquor Store Attacker Uses Jack Daniels, Vodka — Clerk Fights Back With Spade

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If you work at a liquor store, your cliental includes raging alcoholics. Your business is alcohol, so you expect to see some crazy people. On June 16, Tip Top liquor in San Jose, CA probably had its most wild customer (who is now probably banned) waltz into the store. Everything seemed all right. Crazy boy was pulling some alcohol off the shelves, beer, Jack Daniels, and a Vodka bottle. He goes up to the counter as if to pay for the alcohol, then BAM! This motherfucker starts pelting the clerk with the beer cans, and wields the Jack Daniels like a mace.

Any one with at least a working knowledge of the law knows once someone attacks you, you can defend yourself by any means necessary. The clerk proceeds to grab a garden spade (why he has a garden spade in a liquor store is beyond me) and hit the assailant over and over again; the clerk did not hit the assailant hard enough though. PCP boy does not seemed phased at all and starts to hit the clerk with what looks like some pretty scary punches.

Luckily for the clerk a big man in a red polo comes to the rescue. This nut case is still on the loose and the cops are still searching for him, so if you live near the area of Tip Top liquor be on the look out for a flat out ape shit crazy motherfucker. Check out the video for yourself:

[via NBC]

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  1. thadcastle2

    And to think he could have avoided all of that and just paid for the alcohol with his welfare check.

    10 years ago at 11:18 am
    1. 90_proof

      I’m sure you would’ve slid over the counter and knocked the fuck out of him chief.

      10 years ago at 12:09 pm
  2. Mr.Burns57

    I can’t think of a single item the clerk could have had behind the counter which would have sent this thug scrambling out the door faster than a Mexican street vendor confronted by the US Border Patrol.

    10 years ago at 3:18 pm