u.s. president fraternity member

Here’s A List Of Every U.S. President Who Was In A Fraternity

u.s. president fraternity

Around 40% of U.S. presidents were brothers of college fraternities in some way. Post-graduate memberships and honorary memberships, however, serve to slightly bolster this field (and give some jealous hater fraternities who couldn’t foster their own president the ability to “claim” a president as theirs who, in reality, had little to nothing to do with the fraternity).

We’re here to present you with a definitive list of presidents who were actually in fraternities while in college; not just on paper now. Therefore, I will be recognizing neither honorary memberships nor post-graduate memberships on this list (though I will be recognizing dual fraternity memberships, a once common practice that no longer exists).

1. George Washington – N/A
2. John Adams – N/A
3. Thomas Jefferson – N/A
4. James Madison – N/A
5. James Monroe – N/A
6. John Quincy Adams – N/A
7. Andrew Jackson – N/A
8. Martin Van Buren – N/A
9. William Henry Harrison – N/A
10. John Tyler – N/A
11. James K. Polk – N/A
12. Zachary Taylor – N/A
13. Millard Fillmore – N/A
14. Franklin Pierce – N/A
15. James Buchanan – N/A
16. Abraham Lincoln – N/A
17. Andrew Johnson – N/A
18. Ulysses S. Grant – N/A
19. Rutherford B. Hayes – N/A
20. James Garfield – Delta Upsilon (Williams College)
21. Chester A. Arthur – Psi Upsilon (Union College)
22. Grover Cleveland – N/A
23. Benjamin Harrison – Phi Delta Theta (Miami (OH)), Delta Chi (Miami (OH))
24. Grover Cleveland – N/A
25. William McKinley – Sigma Alpha Epsilon (Mount Union College)
26. Teddy Roosevelt – Delta Kappa Epsilon (Harvard), Alpha Delta Phi (Harvard)
27. William Howard Taft – Psi Upsilon (Yale)
28. Woodrow Wilson – Phi Kappa Psi (Princeton)
29. Warren Harding – N/A
30. Calvin Coolidge – Phi Gamma Delta (Amherst College)
31. Herbert Hoover – N/A
32. Franklin D. Roosevelt – Delta Kappa Epsilon (Harvard)*, Alpha Delta Phi (Harvard)
33. Harry S. Truman – N/A
34. Dwight D. Eisenhower – N/A
35. John F. Kennedy – N/A
36. Lyndon B. Johnson – N/A
37. Richard Nixon – N/A
38. Gerald Ford – Delta Kappa Epsilon (Michigan)
39. Jimmy Carter – N/A
40. Ronald Reagan – Tau Kappa Epsilon (Eureka College)
41. George H.W. Bush – Delta Kappa Epsilon (Yale)
42. Bill Clinton – N/A
43. George W. Bush – Delta Kappa Epsilon (Yale)
44. Barack Obama – N/A
45. Donald Trump – N/A

*FDR was a Harvard DKE despite DKE nationals de-recognizing the chapter due to a dispute over dual membership privileges for brothers

Did we miss one? If so, let me know at [email protected]

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      1. Fratchelor Pad

        Grover Cleveland was an Honorary member of Sigma Chi, he drink like a fish(Reportedly, when he decided to “cut back” that just meant to just a gallon a night so only like 11 beers) and he went on a date with a woman around his age(49) and said fuck that noise after noticing her 21 year old daughter and that girl went on to be the First Lady. Grover Cleveland was FaF.

        3 years ago at 2:47 pm
      2. CanadianB4C0N

        Ifeel you really want to make America great again you need to be like Grover Cleveland

        3 years ago at 4:37 pm
    1. Canada

      Served his country in WWII as an 18 year old, moved on to Yale to become president of DKE and captain of the college baseball team, grew up to be a Congressman, then RNC chair, then CIA director, then VP to Reagan, then President of the United States.


      3 years ago at 2:52 pm
    1. PrezMorningWood

      Give it a few years. We’ll have another Deke running the White House soon. Two geed presidents in a row is two too many.

      3 years ago at 1:31 pm
      1. CanadianB4C0N

        Pretty sure we’ve had like 23 straight gdi PMs up north so, count your blessings.

        3 years ago at 4:15 pm
  1. DeltaGoodHand

    Bill Clinton was Alpha Phi Omega at Georgetown before nationals got cucked and went coed.

    3 years ago at 1:20 pm
  2. 1_Rugey_Jentelman

    Free Masons should be considered fraternity men as well. Obviously, they don’t fit this list of collegiate member, but more befitting than honorary grads.

    3 years ago at 3:00 pm