Maker’s Mark Makes Sexy Bottle To Commemorate Kentucky’s 1978 Championship Team

Maker's Mark Makes Badass Bottle To Commemorate Kentucky's 1978 Championship Team

Maker’s Mark is no stranger to making custom bottles of their bourbon. They’ve made commemorative bottles honoring many Kentucky icons, including Affirmed, Johhny Bench, Secretariat, and Charlie Strong to name a few. Now, Maker’s and Keeneland are partnering with the University of Kentucky to create a bottle to honor Joe Hall and his 1978 national championship winning team.

It’s a beauty, too.

That’s pretty sexy. For those in Kentucky, these babies go on sale tomorrow. According to WKYT, the goal of this partnership is to raise $2M for the University of Kentucky’s Center for Academic and Tutorial Services (CATS). Maker’s and Keeneland will contribute to this goal, as well as the sales. You’ve got to think the sales for these will raise $2M on their own.

10/10 would buy and I’m not even a UK fan.

[via WKYT]

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