Martin Kaymer Aces 16th Skipping Ball Over Water at Augusta

Kaymer skips his way to a hole in one on the 16th at Augusta National during his practice round

Another angle of Kaymer’s ace

Vijay Singh’s hole in one on the same hole in similar fashion back in 2009

  1. SinceBirth

    Kaymer proving the guy recording Vigay’s video wrong and showing the crowd the water skip ace.

    12 years ago at 6:06 pm
  2. anon7472974648

    “Hey, bro- let’s go to the practice round of the Masters, tee off and skip the ball over the pond, get a hole in one, film it, and submit it to TFM!” Sick, bro.

    12 years ago at 6:07 pm
  3. Fratty McGillicutty

    The best thing the Germans have done since…….uh………well……..I’ll get back to you on that one.

    12 years ago at 6:27 pm
  4. Home of the Rage

    The guy in the Vijay Singh video sounds like me when I finish in my slam.

    12 years ago at 6:48 pm
  5. Fratalee Holloway

    Vijay is the biggest asshole in the PGA. not like the TFM asshole. I was 12 and working at the Buick Challenge at Callaway and he wouldn’t sign a golf ball because he said I would sell it on EBay. Fuck that guy.

    12 years ago at 11:59 pm