MDMA Supply Takes A Big Hit After Fraternity And Sorority Drug Ring Goes Down

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If you’re wondering why the price of molly just shot through the roof, this might be it.

Police arrested six University of California at Santa Cruz students on Friday believed to be a part of an MDMA-fueled drug ring. The three men were a part of Lambda Phi Epsilon, an American Asian interest fraternity, and the three women were a part of Alpha Kappa Delta Phi, an Asian American interest fraternity.

From San Jose Mercury News:

Police were alerted to suspicious packages traveling through the U.S. Postal Service in recent weeks, shipped from overseas to three Santa Cruz addresses.

Further investigation showed the packages contained the illegal drug MDMA, also known as Ecstasy or Molly. Police followed deliveries to residences in the 400 block of Locust Street, 200 block of Castillion Terrace and 100 block of Peach Terrace and seized more than $100,000 in MDMA, weighing 4.1 pounds with about 5,000 tablets, according to police.

Ugh. McGruff the Crime Dog knows those lego-looking things aren’t actual legos. Rookie mistake. You hate to see it happen.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “But how are those kids at Santa Cruz gonna rage their faces off?!” It’s okay. Their mascot is a goddamn banana slug. I’m assuming the school was founded by people strung out on more than ecstasy.

Police believe the fraternity and sorority members were working with each other for the alleged drug ring and had received shipments in the past.

Truly the best part of this story, though, is listening to how uptight news journalists describe to the common man what molly does. The San Francisco Chronicle says Molly “gives the user feelings of increased energy and pleasure.” KCRA had a less fun take on it, describing it as “people can experience increased energy from the drug in addition to sadness, anxiety and depression.” Really all you need to say is that MDMA makes you “feel colors, man” and that basically sums it up.

On the positive side, all the druggies at UCSC can likely skip the supply and demand section of economics class. No class is better than the real life lesson.

[via San Jose Mercury News]

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  1. sunshinebass

    asians and dealing ecstasy. much like being intolerable in group projects and chainsmoking in casinos, they just have a goddamn monopoly on it.

    also sweatshop labor.

    8 years ago at 4:49 pm
  2. math_is_hard

    You should retake that economics class. Basic math might help too. Let’s do a word problem. California has millions of pills each week, but then he loses 5,000. What percent of his pills are left? Answer: a lot, asshole, a whole lot.

    8 years ago at 5:40 pm
  3. PrezMorningWood

    They’re not a fraternity or sorority. They’re a “fraternity” and “sorority”.

    8 years ago at 6:27 pm
  4. smithpm

    Can I start an “Asian American interest fraternity” where all I do is watch geisha porn and surf the Web for nudes of Lucy Liu?

    8 years ago at 7:18 pm