Michelle Wie Talks About Going To Stanford With Andrew Luck, Calls Colts QB A Nerd

Recent U.S. Open champ Michelle Wie joined Dan Patrick on his show this morning to discuss a range of topics, from what it was like to play Pinehurst to her career in general, and more importantly, her glorious, twerk and booze fueled victory celebration. Who would’ve thought that partying with Michelle Wie could be so much fun? After last weekend she definitely skyrocketed up my list of people I’d like to suck at golf next to.

One of the subjects discussed was Wie’s time at Stanford, which she attended for four and a half years (frat), and during that time befriended star quarterback Andrew Luck, whom she lived two doors down from. Patrick naturally asked Wie what Luck was like, and she flat out declared the big man on campus a nerd. It’s sort of hard to disagree, really.

Stanford's face of cool.
Stanford’s face of cool. – via Facebook

To be fair, Wie went on to say that everyone at Stanford is a nerd, which is probably accurate. A bunch of soon to be very rich nerds. Still, that’s sort of surprising to hear about a quarterback. I bet back in the day John Elway strutted around in his letterman’s jacket, shoving scrawny kids into trash cans to his heart’s content. Then again, John Elway is sort of a dick.

You can watch the full interview below, the Andrew Luck portion starts around 6:30.

I’m not sure if Stanford parties are more fun than your average state school, business major, blackout fuckfest, but their guest lists are definitely way more impressive than most schools, especially in retrospect.

[h/t College Spun]

    1. GrammarNazi

      Lucky should not be capitalized here. It is not referring to his name in the way you have formed your sentence. A lowercase “l” would suffice here.

      10 years ago at 2:33 pm
  1. Frater Uncle Sam

    “Michelle, what were you like in college?” I would like to hear her answer to that

    10 years ago at 12:31 pm
    1. broker1856

      Anyone else think it’s ironic Bacon is posting an article about someone being a nerd?

      10 years ago at 2:51 pm
    1. Rob Fox

      One of my fraternity brothers played high school football with his son Jack, and was over at the Elways a fair amount. He begs to differ, quite a bit.

      10 years ago at 3:53 pm
      1. Lord Caleb

        Speak for yourself, Bacon. I’ve met him and he’s one of the coolest guys I’ve ever met.

        10 years ago at 5:21 pm
  2. puckNgrizz

    Side note: The Dan Patrick Show represents all that is good in sports. Much better listen/watch than the LeBron, Manziel circle jerk that ESPN and SportsCenter have become.

    10 years ago at 3:27 pm