Michigan State Professor Loses His Mind, Gets Naked in Front of Students

Michigan State professor John David McCarthy had a brutal case of the Mondays today, and he decided to express that by going berserk and stripping naked in front of his students. Details are still crawling in, so it’s unclear what pushed McCarthy to his breaking point, but something tells me he’s going to wake up tomorrow with one hell of a “The fuck did I just do?” hangover. Look at that beer gut on McCarthy. Respect.

A student who was present in the classroom when McCarthy slipped into his birthday suit recounts the episode via Reddit.com:

I was in Calc 1 at Michigan State University, and my teacher was always pretty eccentric, but today he went overboard. Half way through class he started screaming at us, swearing left and right. He then started slamming his hands on the window and pressing his face against it, still screaming. Eventually he walked out and down the hallway to the end, all while screaming. He then came back into the classroom and took off his clothes, except for his socks. You know someones crazy when they leave their socks on lmao. At this point everyone in class ran out. We were literally scared for his life. The police took about 15 minutes to get here, and during this time he continued walking around screaming.

Great call with the socks. So true.


  1. Guy In A Fraternity

    You ever wished you could strip naked and streak down the hallways of your school? Spartans will.

    12 years ago at 4:00 pm
  2. BrovWade

    Anyone saying anything bad about this guy needs to realize that he has been trying to teach calc to Michigan State students for years. It’s an impossible task that would drive most mere mortals over the edge.

    12 years ago at 6:21 pm
    1. DrFratlove

      That is referring to graduate schools…usually, people go elsewhere for their graduate degrees.

      12 years ago at 8:49 pm
    2. Sparty

      ..usually, a school’s undergraduate education is a reflection of the institution’s graduate program.

      12 years ago at 12:58 am
    3. grandfrat

      So coming from someone who has a graduate degree, in advance sciences and went to the same school for my BS and MS (on, on U of K; GO CATS) actually the upper level science grad students are all from one of the following (with few exceptions)
      1. India
      2. China
      3. Bangladesh
      4. Korea
      5. Japan
      6. other countries in Asia Major/Asia Minor
      7. the very few smart kids from Africa

      So there’s that…. If you don’t believe me, go to …oh let’s say Ole Miss’ undergrad student pop., then compare it to their grad upper level sciences pop….I’m gonna make a blanket statement and say it’s probably NF

      12 years ago at 7:48 am
    4. Bush Light

      I mean, Michigan has all engineering professions in the top 10 in the nation, (even above MIT in a few). State doesn’t have shit in engineering above “nuclear”. Lace em up, rookie.

      12 years ago at 4:49 pm