Michigan State Puts Motivational Sign Outside New Locker Room, Misspells “Accurate”

Michigan State is pretty pumped for football season to begin–the team should be after coming off a 13-1 season that culminated with a Rose Bowl win. The players and coaches believe this is their year to earn the right to play in the College Football Playoff and win a title. A championship-caliber team is worthy of championship-caliber facilities, and Sparty is rolling out some upgrades to the team facilities, including a new locker room.

Outside of the locker room, there is a new sign to let the team’s competitors know the Spartans mean business. The sign starts off saying, “come all challengers from all distances” before rolling into the reasons why these challengers should be prepared to feel painful, “bone-crunching tackles.” However, this is where the sign takes a wrong turn. It says, “with every acurate pass.” Looks like the proofreader missed a spot. Take a look for yourself.

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 4.46.56 PM

The only thing missing from the sign is “Go green, go white!” Hopefully the Spartans don’t fuck up their season like they did the sign.

  1. Jake_Gordon

    “Come all challengers from all distances…except for the Southeast”
    That’s the B1G way.

    10 years ago at 10:13 am