Watching DMB at Churchill Downs with a Maker's and coke laughing at all the GDIs. TFM

  1. stratastic

    you go to Middle Tennessee. Isn’t everyone there considered GDI by association?

    14 years ago at 5:01 pm
  2. KAFratsHarder

    Dave Matthews is NOT FRAT. GDI’s have taken it over. I guess, since you go to MTSU, you really don’t have a clue.

    14 years ago at 9:07 pm
  3. Fratastic Voyage

    DMB is only frat when it’s not in concert/when listening on IPOD(since the GDI’s who go to their concerts don’t even listen to the music. They just go to get weed/sketch on girls. DMB in a smaller setting or concert location is a lot frattier. If you want frat, go see Phish, John Butler Trio, or Umphrey Mcgee’s.

    14 years ago at 2:08 am
    1. Fratastic Voyage

      PS. I estimate my BAC to be well over .18 at the moment, so don’t mind my grammatical issues.

      14 years ago at 2:09 am
  4. Adrian Bro-dy

    Putting coke in your makers is gay. You are a fag. You are a GDI. You are most likely poor. You should be banned from the site. Grow some nuts and drink like a real man. You Cock Burn

    14 years ago at 12:57 pm
  5. Arnold Palmer

    I dont think I’ve ever laughed at a GDI. They piss me off too much to find humor in. And incase it isnt clear, DMB is NOT fratty.

    14 years ago at 11:51 pm