Greek Week chariot? Fuck it, let's make a T-shirt cannon tank. TFM.

  1. VelociFratter

    I can’t tell if thats actual tank size, or the camera is really close and it’s just a toy tank

    12 years ago at 1:22 pm
  2. Raised2Haze

    Okay. I know a lot of people like to hate on sigep here, but this is actually awesome.

    12 years ago at 2:44 pm
  3. Get Him to the Frat

    The best part is that this Sig Ep chapter was recently put on probation for confirmed hazing allegations and was described by the Sig Ep national president as “having the worst culture of any Sig Ep chapter in the nation.” Nothing like continuing the tradition of hazing by having a pledge sit in the ‘chariot” in full army fatigues for hours. I’m sure he volunteered.

    12 years ago at 4:18 pm