On my way to the beach i got a ticket going 101 on a 45. Cop asked me if i knew how much the ticket would cost. I replied by telling him i was driving a 2010 Land Rover, does it look like i give a shit how much it's going to cost. TFM.

  1. Dixieland Fratting

    I am going to guess you are a GDI. Why are you bragging about the year your rover was made. And Bros A. Banks was correct anything over I believe 20 mph past the limit is considered reckless driving.

    14 years ago at 11:44 am
  2. William Wallace

    He was probably bragging to make it clear that he is better than the GDI cop and money isn’t an issue. and you don’t go to jail over a reckless driving ticket. They would probably just suspend his drivers license at court

    14 years ago at 2:26 pm
  3. MAC

    You would too go to jail for driving 101 mph. Anything over 100 is considered reckless and will land you in jail instantly.

    14 years ago at 11:39 am
  4. cotton king

    putting aside that this is a blatant lie, why drive twice the speed limit? if you’re important, the world waits on you.

    14 years ago at 11:59 am
  5. giggles

    YOU’RE WORRIED ABOUT FRATTING AND YOU GO TO FUCKING MTSU? .. try Ole Miss sometime, or a real D1 SEC school

    14 years ago at 9:19 pm