Naked Photos Of Oxford University Women’s Rugby Team Are Hotter Than You’d Think

Europeans, man. They’re just so open over there — you know, sexually. They’re just blasting casual tits all over daytime television like it ain’t no thing. It’s so normal for them. If a nipple that’s attached to a famous person slips out of a dress or bathing suit here in The States, it makes headlines from coast to coast. We all click those stories, too, because Americans love nipples and the boobs they’re stuck to. Those crazy Euros don’t even bat an eye at famous people beav shots, though. Remember that Britney Spears beav shot from about a decade ago that almost broke the internet? Yeah, well that story didn’t even make it to Europe.

When the women’s rugby team from Oxford University showed their bare asses to raise money for charity, it likely didn’t receive a ton of attention across the pond. I’m covering it, though, because here in America, we love us some ass shots. Plus, I knew all you pervs would click on this headline, because, well, you’re all perverts.

I also knew I had to grab your attention in the headline, because when you think “naked female rugby player,” the image in your mind is likely not a favorable one. Here’s the thing, though: they actually have some lookers on this team.

From Nerve:

The Oxford University Women’s Rugby Football Club (OUWRFC) took their motto “Back Yourself” literally by baring their behinds in a brand new charity calendar. After helping sell the mens team’s calendar, the 11 team members decided to shoot their own to support Mind Your Head, Oxford University’s mental health campaign.

Visit the calendar website HERE to see the photos.

[via Nerve]


  1. theTOPSofKY

    Lesbihonest here, none of these girls are interested in the equipment we’re playing with.

    7 years ago at 12:05 pm