New Study Finds Heavy Drinking Linked To Higher Social Status

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Heavy drinking comes naturally to us. It’s in our blood to be able to down a case, a bottle of whiskey, and enough tequila shots to tranquilize a cow in a 24-hour period. We are also known for our higher status. We are leaders both in college and society. It’s what we do: drink heavily and lead. And now, it turns out that there’s a correlation between the two.

Dr. Tara Dumas conducted a study among young adults. The study concentrated on how much each individual had to drink and how each individual was viewed by his or her friends. The results are nothing new to us.

From The Daily Beast:

“Research already demonstrates that young people use alcohol for social means…as a way of fitting in,” Dumas tells The Daily Beast. “Our research further suggests that young people might be gaining social status benefits via their heavy drinking, or that higher social status might encourage riskier drinking practices among young people.”

Of course we heavy drinkers are the leaders of the pack. We know how to have fun. We’re the guys who will put on a show at the toga party. Just take one look at your chapter president and tell me he isn’t a guy who will drink almost anyone under the table.

“Binge drinking then becomes associated with high status and the ‘cool’ students on campus”, said Carolyn L. Hsu, co-author of the study.

I guess that’s just another reason why Greek life is the way to go. Not only do we carry the “in crowd” label, but we are the leaders of our generation. Keep it up, guys–drink some beer and rule the world.

[via The Daily Beast]

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  1. ammo

    In other shocking news, scientists report that Kim Kardashian is talentless self-absorbed whore, and America doesn’t give a shit about soccer.

    10 years ago at 3:17 pm
  2. Kentucky Chi guy

    Next time I have two forties of steel reserve taped to my hands and a premium bottle of rebel yell waiting on the table for when I’m finished I’ll think back to this article and say ” yeah, I’m as high class as it gets”

    10 years ago at 3:22 pm
    1. 90_proof

      It’s a stretch to expect that by putting that little effort into something that you’d get something out of it son. That just ain’t the way the world works.

      10 years ago at 4:30 pm
  3. Jeff_bigblack

    A member of your family leading the study that supports your drinking habits TFM

    10 years ago at 1:19 pm