north dakota state university football ndsu fans nice

North Dakota State Has The Nicest Fans In College Football

north dakota state university football ndsu fans nice

North Dakota State University is undoubtedly a powerhouse among FCS football teams. They won the national championship (not that national championship, but you know what I’m talking about) the last five years in a row and were expected by many to do so again this year. Sadly for the bison, their dreams did not come true in 2017, as they did not take home the title (let alone even make it to the title game). And while they are good, and I mean damn good — going so far as to beat many an FBS team — I just can’t find it in me to hate their fans, even as an alumnus of another FCS school. For whatever reason, NDSU fans are just the nicest people in college football and the world.

I ran into quite a few NDSU fans at the FCS National Championship this past weekend in Frisco, Texas. I was obviously intrigued when I saw them in attendance. Why the hell would someone go to a game in which their team wasn’t even playing? Moreover, why would they go to a game in which a team they thought they’d beat was playing? I had to ask.

Right off the bat, the folks I talked to were friendly, kind, and downright all-around good people. After several hours of tailgating, I can guarantee I was none of those things. Regardless, they answered me with some kind of weird, almost overly nice Midwestern honesty that really took me aback.

I think every NDSU fan I spoke with said they’d been expecting to be playing in the championship game. Not only that, but they went so far as to say they had expected to win. That, right there, from anyone else in the world, would seem like a very dickish thing to say. But they were so upbeat and cheery about it all that I just couldn’t get mad. They weren’t being braggadocious; they were being sincere. I couldn’t even talk shit back. I just couldn’t.

They had made travel arrangements, reserved hotel rooms, and bought tickets to the game weeks, and even months, prior. They weren’t there to be assholes. They weren’t there to ruin our fun. They were just there to get their money’s worth and watch a good game of FCS football. It was honestly shocking.

College football fans are generally very aggressive when it comes to their team and its honor. These NDSU fans were not. They acknowledged that they lost, obviously dropped a line or two about how they’d be back in the championship next year (we’ll see), and joined the rest of us in having a few beers, kicking back, and watching one of America’s greatest traditions, college football, with their friends and families.

I’ve seen many a brawl break out between opposing fans in my day in the tailgate lot. I’ve seen heckling in the stands. I’ve seen a near-death experience at a hot dog stand. But I’ve never seen something like this. As much as I want to hate them, I just can’t. NDSU fans are just the nicest people in the game. I have to respect the shit out of that.

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  1. Lord Frattenstein

    Of all the weird things about Fargo, I never thought my school would end up on here for having nice fan, but I can confirm pretty much the entire line about why they were there and that they still went is exactly what I expected.

    4 years ago at 12:27 pm
    1. Frattie Smalls

      As a Philly fan, bless you guys for Carson. We love Ginger Jesus over here.

      4 years ago at 1:16 pm
  2. Drunken Keith

    If you’ve ever been to a game in Lincoln. You would know Nebraska has the nicest fans.

    4 years ago at 12:28 pm
    1. HGL_JMU

      Because good karma buys them another day w/o their trailer getting hit by a tornado.

      4 years ago at 1:39 pm
      1. InternationalFratStudent

        If you’ve ever been to * insert name of school you go to here * you’ll know they have the nicest fans

        4 years ago at 1:55 pm
  3. AriGold9

    Did you notice how ugly they were though? I watched them destroy my school in Frisco, a few years ago. I don’t think we saw one attractive girl tailgating or a the game, had beer goggles on too.

    4 years ago at 12:31 pm
    1. HGL_JMU

      Because they’re the children of oil riggers, soybean farmers, and coal miners.

      4 years ago at 1:42 pm
  4. RaginBush84

    Well can you imagine how miserable living in North Dakota would be if the people sucked?

    4 years ago at 1:37 pm
  5. TalkToMeGoose148

    Although I think Saban is the second coming of Adolph Hitler, Alabama fans are the nicest fans I’ve ever interacted with. Maybe that’s because only the affluent ones with manners and common decency travel to bowl games, leaving the bucktoothed trailer trash wearing off-brand walmart gear back in their home state.

    4 years ago at 4:15 pm
  6. MightBeReagan

    Mostly good people, definitely a few assholes too. But overall better than most other fans.

    4 years ago at 6:55 pm