Number Of Americans Filing For Unemployment Inexplicably Drops Just As Bernie Sanders Does


The hype train is finally pulling into the station.

Senator Sanders’ campaign is just about berned out and today we’re expecting him to announce his withdrawal from the race and endorse HillRod and tell us we should love each other unconditionally and continue to hate people with money.

From the Washington Post:

Bernie Sanders returns to Washington on Thursday for a pair of high-profile meetings and a rally, with his presidential campaign flagging but determined to exit the Democratic race against Hillary Clinton on his own terms.

Sanders has vowed to stay in the race through the Democratic convention in July, in a last-ditch bid to win the nomination by flipping the allegiance of hundreds of superdelegates who have already announced support for Clinton. A growing number of Sanders’s supporters have acknowledged the scenario is far-fetched.

“No one is the nominee. The nominee is elected at the convention,” [Campaign Manager] Jeff Weaver said when asked whether Sanders will acknowledge Clinton as the Democratic standard-bearer.

When asked whether Sanders considers her to be the presumptive nominee, Weaver shook his head. “That’s a term of art that the media uses,” he said.

You stubborn old fool.

Ya lost, Bernie. You’re a loser. Even using Bernie math, there’s simply no way he’ll flip all those Clinton-committed superdelegates.

Hang on. Things don’t appear to be all that bad with our economy. It looks as though people are going back to work.

From Thomson Reuters:

The number of Americans filing for unemployment benefits unexpectedly fell last week, pointing to sustained strength in the labor market despite a sharp slowdown in hiring last month.

Initial claims for state unemployment benefits declined 4,000 to a seasonally adjusted 264,000 for the week ended June 4, the Labor Department said.

“Firms do not appear to be shedding labor. We expect hiring activity to resume in the coming weeks and lead an overall rebound in net employment growth,” said Jesse Hurwitz, an economist at Barclays in New York.

Now that’s a future I can believe in.

Now that I can’t rally no more, my step daddy said I need to get a job. He said no one’s gonna wipe out that $135,000 loan against my name and he’s threatening to take away the Civic if I don’t start paying for its liability coverage. And speaking of liabilities, it’s a good thing I dual majored in gender studies and English literature, or I’d have far fewer job prospects.

Would you like a side of ranch?

[via Washington Post, Thomson Reuters]

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  1. VandyConservative

    Job growth was shit. A drop in unemployment is just an increase in discouraged workers or the underemployed. Look at U-5 and U-6 unemployment instead of U-3 (gov’s preferred stat). There is no surprisingly good news for the labor market, just more of the same middling economy we’ve seen.

    8 years ago at 11:27 am
    1. Late80s_dad_dick

      Vandy is a better source for economic news than most of the MSM, I’d absolutely read a TFM Financial Column

      8 years ago at 11:52 am
      1. JohnStamos

        Inflation has increased tremendously under Obama, which is why unemployment has decreased

        8 years ago at 12:15 pm
      2. GodHatesFigs

        Not to mention the hundreds of thousands of jobs created by oil and gas companies in the Dakotas and other areas of the US thanks to tracking. But Obama is famous for taking credit that doesn’t belong to him.

        8 years ago at 12:28 pm
      3. MelGibsonsWrinklyNuts

        If you compare inflation rates from 2000-2008 and 2008-now, the avg rate isn’t even close…Sorry but you’re wrong

        8 years ago at 12:48 pm
      4. maroonandgold

        Inflation is controlled by the Fed, not the federal government. Obama has negligible power over the inflation rate.

        8 years ago at 1:01 pm
      5. ImHereForTheGangbang

        Inflation is actually really low and has been for Obama’s entire term.

        8 years ago at 2:56 pm
    2. Fratty_Roosevelt

      I don’t know, I’m cautiously optimistic. We will have to see what happens once the quantitative easing is done. If Yellen raises the rate and confidence plummets, well I guess I’ll be wrong then. This election cycle we will just have to trust the Fed to do the right thing, and hope the nominated treasury secretary isn’t a loon.

      8 years ago at 1:50 pm
      1. JohnStamos

        Inflation is controlled by the government too. Increasing Gov spending increases inflation

        8 years ago at 2:49 pm
      2. maroonandgold

        Not at all. Government spending isn’t off of newly minted currency, so it comes from taxes and government bonds, which fall under the M2 money supply. There is no increase in accessible cyrrency, so there is no inflation.

        8 years ago at 2:52 pm
    3. ImHereForTheGangbang

      U6 has dropped at the same rate as U3 during the Obama admin. It was almost 20% at the beginning of his term and now it’s below 10%.

      8 years ago at 2:57 pm
  2. BrianFinch

    Lap me if you want but I’d rather have this guy as president then a racist and egomaniac in Trump or a lying and corrupt in Clinton. At least he’s genuine with what he wants to do with this country whether you agree with it or not.

    8 years ago at 11:34 am
    1. VandyConservative

      Being genuine is not a good metric. Also, he’s not genuine. Check his voting record. Mr. Criminal Justice Reform signed Clinton’s omnibus crime initiatives about a month after railing against them when he was still a congressman. He got bought too. Don’t believe the idealists on facebook, the man is a career politician like the rest of them and very good at that politician part.

      8 years ago at 11:36 am
      1. VandyConservative

        For those who don’t know what that means, Bernie voted for federal death penalty and expanded three strikes law. Which is fine if he believes that, but sometimes he doesnt. So fuck Bernie

        8 years ago at 11:37 am
    2. PirateSteveTFM

      I love how everyone calls Trump racist without any proof of him explicitly being racist.

      8 years ago at 11:40 am
      1. TyWebb88

        Yeah, claiming that a judge is biased because they’re Mexican isn’t explicitly racist

        8 years ago at 11:45 am
      2. Donnie Fratzoff

        Well considering Trump’s even own lawyers, including his defense team head, said the judge is perfectly fine I’d say the judge is unbiased. Trump said something stupid and then doubled down on it because he knew idiots would follow him to the ends of the earth.

        8 years ago at 12:11 pm
      3. Fratty_Roosevelt

        By that logic, a white judge should have to recuse himself from judging a white person because he may give favorable treatment. Race is not a conflict of interest.

        8 years ago at 3:30 pm
      4. GodHatesFigs

        When race and politics have become as intertwined as Hispanics and African American groups have with liberalism, I don’t think it’s completely unfair to say that someone is politically biased because of their race. Although a lot of Cubans like Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are Republicans, the vast majority of Hispanics, mainly Mexicans, vote Democrat because of how relaxed the left is on illegal immigration.

        8 years ago at 11:59 am
      5. HammsLight

        The narrative of the MSM has been that Latinos should despise Trump for wanting to crack down on illegal immigration. When Trump goes along with that narrative by saying that a Latino judge may not like him because of his immigration policy, he is attacked as a racist. Literally for saying the same thing as the MSM. Liberal hypocrisy at its finest.

        8 years ago at 12:09 pm
      6. McBallSmack

        The judge is a part of La Raza so yes, Trump has every right to feel he is being discriminated against.

        8 years ago at 1:56 pm
      7. Donnie Fratzoff

        “La Raza” as in the Nation Council of La Raza was not an organization to which Judge Curiel belonged to. Curiel belonged to San Diego La Raza Lawyer’s Association, a professional Latino lawyer’s association; similar organizations exist for Blacks, Irish, Italians, Indians, and Jews (an organization even I’m proudly apart of). So there’s not exactly conflict of interest in being in an organization that recognizes your ancestry. This is America being proud of your heritage is FaF.

        8 years ago at 6:28 pm
    3. BrianFinch

      Hey I’m not saying he’s great but all honestly both the Dems and Republicans screwed the pooch this year.

      8 years ago at 11:54 am
  3. Fraddington_bear

    Bernie Sanders is the kid who runs for class president and promises free ice cream and a 3 hour recess extension.

    8 years ago at 11:39 am