Obama Is At It Again, This Time Cuts Line At Best BBQ Joint In Texas

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This madness has to be stopped. It’s one thing to reach over the counter at Chipotle when ordering, but it’s a completely different ballgame to cut in front of a whole line at Franklin Barbecue. Just like Barry enjoys shitting on the Constitution with his over-the-top use of executive power, he apparently enjoys shitting on the well-established practice of no cutting in line at Franklin–it’s un-American to do so. It’s THE Franklin Barbecue. For those who don’t know Franklin, it is God’s gift to the barbecue world. I would dump one of my girlfriends if it meant I could have unlimited brisket from that restaurant. This is serious business.

Drawing from my own experiences, Franklin is the best brisket to ever enter my mouth, and waiting in line for hours on end is a rite of passage. I’ve lost a few good shirts out there sweating under the Texas sun, but it was always worth every fucking second.

Barry O. was in Austin on Thursday and decided to stop by Franklin following his speech. Upon arriving and seeing the line with a wait time that could rival your local DMV, he decided to use his executive power and cut right to the front.

From Austin 360:

Following his speech at the Paramount, President Obama’s motorcade traveled to Franklin Barbecue on East 11th Street. The restaurant is well known for its great brisket and extremely long waits, but the president circumvented that using the powers of his office.

Barry did make an attempt to appease the crowd before a riot broke out (the riot part is all hearsay, of course, because I wasn’t there, but cutting at Franklin is definitely a riot-able offense). He payed for the first group of people who got bumped in line because of him. Of course he offered to pay for them–it’s not coming out of his pockets. Just put it on his tab–you know, the one billed to the taxpayers. That being the case, though, he should have just gone all the way and bought food for everyone there.

When he arrived at the counter, Obama offered to pay for the order for the two people in front of him — Bruce Finstad of Houston and his daughter Faith of Austin. After they ordered three pounds of brisket, two pounds of ribs, and a half-pound each of turkey and sausage, Obama said, “How many folks are you guys feeding? Just kidding.”

If that had been me, I would have ordered the rest of the meat just to ensure he didn’t get a taste of that sweet, succulent brisket. Barry himself ordered $300 worth of barbecue and exited the premises.

[via Austin 360]

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  1. wft

    When will this site be changed to Total Conservative Move? Because that’s basically what it is.

    10 years ago at 12:49 pm
    1. Captain Jack Sperrys

      People in fraternities typically come from well off families, who are usually conservative because they don’t like liberals taxing all their money away. You’re a dumbass.

      10 years ago at 1:41 pm
      1. wft

        I’m in college. I rushed. Most of the guys I talked to talked about “ending stereotypes” about Greek life. But then I see things like this and I find it tough to believe them. Even if most Greeks happen to be conservative, that shouldn’t be what it is about. It should be about brotherhood and having a great time while also having a support group to help keep you motivated to graduate. It shouldn’t matter wether someone is black or white, conservative or liberal, rich or poor. Seeing stuff like this makes me think that Greek life organizations don’t actually want to diversify their organizations and that they just want to be around a group of people who believe the exact same things that they do and affirm their beliefs without challenging them. College is about meeting new people and growing as a person, which is the opposite of what the stereotypical Greek organization seems to be doing.

        10 years ago at 4:19 pm