Warren Buffett during the week, Jimmy Buffett on the weekend. TFM.

    1. GTgentleman

      Dick’s picks is gay as fuck. And he knows nothing about college football. There, it’s been said.

      12 years ago at 2:32 pm
  1. glockjacket

    Does that mean being incredibly liberal during the weekend and extremely liberal on the weekend? cause thats NF.

    12 years ago at 10:55 pm
    1. LEGENwaitforitDARY

      I detest the fact that both of them are die hard liberals. That being said, I have plenty of respect for Warren for his work ethic, philanthropy, and determination to succeed. As for Jimmy, I couldn’t care less about a musician’s political views, as long as he doesn’t sing about it. If we were to to only listen to conservative musicians, the list would be very small, including the genre of country.

      12 years ago at 2:02 pm