Graduation present to myself funded by big oil. 500 hp & 10 mpg is the frat way to go. TFM.

    1. Better than you

      Bronan comeback equation: Quickly think of a GDI car + Accuse opponent of driving said car + Reminisce about the good times you had listening to the Backstreet Boys in said car = Your lame ass response.

      14 years ago at 3:05 pm
  1. post-grad fratter

    sweet car douche bag. you wouldn’t know class if it drove right over your bitch ass hot rod

    14 years ago at 12:06 pm
  2. Broseidon, King of the Brocean

    Bronan, you’re trying WAY to hard. Anybody who insulted you, you came back and replied to them talking shit. Do you really check this site that often and go to your post to see what people have said? Not fratty. Oh and the Viper’s for grease heads.

    14 years ago at 7:39 pm
    1. BROhemian Rhapsody

      You must have a small corndog if you drive a car like that. Sack-up Sally and buy yourself a real automobile. Z71 anyone?

      14 years ago at 12:44 am
    2. bro montana

      id take the z71 over the viper anyday…unless I was going to be on Springer later…then Id go with the Viper…or a Firebird haha

      14 years ago at 10:03 pm
  3. Sir Fratington

    Wow, even if you did ‘buy that for yourself’ what a waster of money, you should have gotten an M6, vet, or any other European sports car, but still better get a range rover or Z71 you GDI

    14 years ago at 9:33 pm
    1. Better than you

      Did you just call a Vette a European car? Move away. Far away. This isn’t a request it is a demand.

      14 years ago at 3:01 pm
  4. Fratty McFraterson

    The only car any fratdaddy should be driving that isn’t 4×4 is italian. case closed.

    14 years ago at 9:44 pm
  5. Brohemian Rhapsody

    An American muscle car with an 8.3l V10 and 500 hp = TFM. None of these GDIs know a raw AMERICAN sports car when they see one.

    14 years ago at 5:37 pm
  6. Brover LUX

    This screams new money all the way. You prob spent every last cent that you won from scratch off lottery tickets they gave you for your 5th year working a Pizza Hut. Why would you ever chose such an ostentatious color.

    14 years ago at 5:04 am