Fox News saying Romney won the Debate by 2 touchdowns. TFM.

  1. Plan B is Plan A

    He hazed the living shit out of Obama. Even the pinko geeds at MSNBC admitted that it was a beat down.

    12 years ago at 9:29 am
    1. BamaForRomney

      Apparently, even the front page of the Huffington Post called it a Romney win. Speaking of which, Donald Trump’s tweet that said something like “Ariana Huffington is ugly inside and out” should be submitted.

      12 years ago at 10:46 am
    1. ^Feel free to suck a fat dick and choke to death on Obam’s cum. Then go head and kill him while your at it! K thanks

      12 years ago at 8:47 pm
  2. theworldwins

    I agree Romney won, but Mitt could have fucked an Eva Braun sex doll on stage and Fox News would still say he won.

    12 years ago at 4:10 pm