Old Timer Makes INSANE Catch From The Stands At Wrigley, And That’s Not Even The Best Part

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People are making such a big deal about what this old timer did after the catch that it’s taking away from the catch itself. This is one of the finer fan catches I’ve ever seen. Actually, it may be the best of all time, and the guy is 65 years old! Impressive.

Watch the video below. He actually robs the homerun ball from leaving the stadium. He stands on the bleacher, fully extends, then risks his life for the ball. That 65-year-old frame isn’t exactly as limber as it used to be, but he sold out for the ball, and BOOM, he’s on SportsCenter.

The fan was identified as Mike Pullin, a softball playing retiree from Rochelle. During the elation immediately following the catch of a lifetime, and without a moment of hesitation, Mike pulled the ol’ switcheroo and swapped the game ball for a fake before tossing it back onto the playing field, per Wrigley custom.

From MLB.com:

Pullin, who brought his glove, caught the ball and avoided falling over the railing. He followed Wrigley tradition and threw a ball back onto the field, but it wasn’t the game ball. Instead he threw a ball that he had brought, one that his dog liked to play with.

“I saw the ball coming, and it’s a pretty easy catch for me,” said Pullin, who played softball for 31 years, starring at first base and in left field.

Beer league softball veteran. Should have seen that coming.

"I still got it, babe."
“I still got it, babe.”

[via MLB.com]

  1. Virginia Gentleman

    Doing a short news story on some geezer isn’t fooling anyone, Rodge. Especially when we all probably have already seen this today on SportsCenter.

    10 years ago at 11:16 am
  2. Makers__Mark

    Best catch of all time is the beer cup catch and chug, and I don’t think hat will ever be beaten

    10 years ago at 11:58 am
  3. Broties n Boatshoes

    Best catch I’ve seen in Cubs game in years and that’s coming from a Cubs fan.

    10 years ago at 12:17 pm