Full on debauchery with a slam piece from LSU; before I finished on her I made her kiss my Colonel Reb tattoo on my ass. Hotty Toddy. TFM.

  1. Fratwall Jackson

    Tats are GDI as fuck…Not to mention a tat of a college mascot. I pray to God this didn’t happen because it makes you and Ole Miss look like jackasses…actually it just makes Ole Miss look bad, so fuck you

    14 years ago at 6:13 pm
  2. PGT Beauregard

    I’m not denying that there are some slampiece Kappas who would be down for some ass-to-mouth action. They might lick a butthole, but they would never lower themselves to banging an Ole Miss fan. Especially one with an ass tattoo. Who the fuck does that?

    14 years ago at 11:05 am
  3. SECchamps

    Yeah right not even an LSU fan would kiss a Cornel Reb! Sucks you got a tattoo means nothing now! Try getting a dumbass blackbear on the other cheek hahahaha!

    14 years ago at 2:05 pm