Sitting behind some douche in an Ed Hardy shirt in class merely to spit chew on him. TFM.

  1. King Fratty XIII

    Hey frat tits, real men chew.

    Ps. way to spell douche wrong you fucking GDI idiot.

    14 years ago at 11:06 am
  2. Fratwall Jackson

    Did I get chew on your 80 dollar tribal T? How was surfing and spray tanning you fucking yankee

    14 years ago at 2:51 pm
  3. Fuzzy Zoeller

    William Holde said it best…Gays hate redman, therefore using fratductive reasoning, Gays hate redman, frat tits hates redman, frat tits is gay

    14 years ago at 2:54 pm
    1. hideki fratsui

      Ahhhh fratductive reasoning, nothing tops it. Hey frat tits, why don’t you go fuck a porch monkey and stop trying to be wealthy/white/frat.

      14 years ago at 8:35 pm
  4. Dubbya

    Actually, frat tits, I shot a 12 point buck with my J. Purdey, then hopped in my ’82 Bronco on 44″ super swampers with a dixie horn to drive back and have sex with your mother.

    14 years ago at 1:28 pm
    1. Queen of the Sorostitutes

      This is where Frat Tits says “Thank you sir, may I have another?”

      Facial. TFM

      14 years ago at 11:43 pm
  5. Fratty in Texas

    Hey frat tits, insulting someone for deer hunting is a GDI Yankee move. Go do some bicep curls, get your fake tan on, and wear your Affliction T somewhere else. You’ll get your ass kicked anywhere in the South.

    14 years ago at 11:41 am