I don't wear my shorts until my seamstress hems them to the standard 5 inch inseam. TFM

  1. RJ Berger

    i used to wear shorts with a 5 inch inseam, til one day in class i had a limp stiffy (u could say i’m 7.5 semi-flaccid). Anyways, my mushroom tip was hangin out the bottom of my shorts and this hottie sittin next to me (G-Phi president – total slut) looks downm, and at first she’s all “what the friek” and i go “u got a problem?” and she goes “not as big of a problem as your gonna have if i tell the professor your showing your penis in class” and i go “how bout you shut the fuck up and put my meat in your mouth” and she goes “fine by me” and arches her back over and she put my limp in her throat. it felt soo good that i came pretty quick. 2 minutes later the prof calls on her for a question and she answers with a mumble, the professor goes, “did you have a sandwich with mayo for lunch?”. all my frat bros who saw the bj from the row behind erupted with laughter. such a solid day in accounting for a well hung guy like myself

    12 years ago at 12:04 am