OU Players Received iPads With Playbooks Loaded In Them, Their Kicker Only Had One Play In His

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The kickers representing each participant in the Red River Shootout will be damned if their respective teams aren’t making meaningless headlines in July. Texas kicker Nick Rose recently made waves when his outrageous profile mugshot hit the web, showing what appears to be a blazed drifter whose wind blown hair is the result of cross-state hitchhiking to a music festival while in a truck bed.

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Then we have OU kicker Michael Hunnicutt, who shared with us a photo of his sole responsibility as a placekicker. The team received iPads with their playbooks already loaded in them. Below is Hunnicutt’s only play.

Classic kicker humor right here. Here you go, kid. Study this. Don’t let us down.

Kickers are like that friend in your group who makes you wonder how he made it into your group to begin with. Like one night you’re at the bars with your boys, having a great time taking shots and talking to girls. You go back to the house and have one last beer before passing out, then you wake up hungover with stank breath. You sit up on the couch you crashed on, rub the shame out of your eyes and squint across the room and make out a strange figure, then you think to yourself, “How the fuck did that dork Garrett end up here?” Then Garrett just keeps hanging out with your crew until the end of time. Kickers are Garrett. They snuck in the side door when everyone was sleeping.

I bet Stoops and his staff got a real kick out of this one. Jokes, guys. I have them.

  1. Dog_the_Pledge_Hunter

    They should have also placed a note telling him to get a fucking hair cut…

    10 years ago at 11:30 am
  2. Ruger_Dern

    wut a stupid fukin coach
    i wood hav just put “win teh game”
    mi strategy iz sew much beter

    10 years ago at 11:37 am