Penn State Students Fight Back In War On Day Parties, Create Online Petition

Day parties. Day ragers. Darties. Dagers. Whatever you want to call them, getting hammered drunk with a huge group of people in the middle of a Saturday is one of the best parts of college, and Penn State Greeks do it big with their cherished and longstanding tradition of throwing “Daylongs.”

Just look at this shit:




It’s a whole new level of day drinking, and they do it like this practically every weekend.

Unfortunately, due to complaints from residents, the Interfraternity Council has been trying to put the kibosh on Daylongs for some time now. This baffles me for several reasons. First off, why would residents bitch about day ragers? Wouldn’t it be better to let the kids get weird during the day than at night when the older residents of the neighborhood are trying to sleep? Second, IFC is made up of Greek leaders. Why are fraternities and sororities continually electing wet blankets who tell them not to Daylong?

IFC’s attempt to ban Daylongs last year went largely ignored. But this year, a tipster told us that an e-mail sent by IFC to the student body seems to have proven effective. There is currently an online petition called “Bring Back Daylongs” with over 1,680 signees. It isn’t a straight up “fuck IFC let’s party”-type petition, either. It’s very sensible, focusing on finding a middle ground where students agree to chill out a bit if IFC lifts the ban (apparently, the Daylongs spill into the streets and cause some damage).

Whether or not you go to Penn State, do your part and sign the petition HERE.

As for the fraternities, I’d say keep on doing your thing. I doubt IFC has the power they are attempting to impose. You should be fine unless they somehow get the city involved.

  1. Saint FratricksDay

    I’ve determined elderly people live near Greek life in order to be able to complain more

    8 years ago at 12:21 pm
  2. ThomasMuthafuckinJefferson

    Forum Topic: what are your thoughts on day smoke sessions versus day drinking, which do you prefer. Why?

    8 years ago at 12:31 pm
  3. KimballSlice1890

    it all started when someone pissed over a fence and it happened to land on a baby carriage… cause ya know Greek row is a great place to take your baby for stroll

    8 years ago at 1:07 pm
  4. LeonardoDiFrattio

    From a Penn State student/fraternity member: the borough is involved, that’s the only reason this has merit. All the students in the ifc, especially the ones with the most power (President and VP) are chill kids that consistently fight for daylongs and overall party life. They’re being pushed/forced by the University as well as the borough to implement and enforce these stupid rules.

    8 years ago at 5:56 pm
    1. olderthanyou

      Fix it yourself or someone will fix it for you. Biggest problem is every group tries to out do the last until someone gets screwed by an idiot. aka BOOSH.

      8 years ago at 6:16 pm
  5. ChristianFrackenberg

    In 2012 someone peed on a fence at an SAE daylong and now we’re in this position. What type of dumbass parent thinks a frats on Saturday are appropriate places to stroll.

    8 years ago at 1:23 pm