PETA Makes Outrageous Connection Between Eating Chicken And Dick Size

PETA Makes Outrageous Claim About Eating Chicken And Dick Size

Taking the strategy of females across the world, PETA told TFM we should be concerned about our dick size. After we told them to suck it when tweeting about a news story that linked vegetarian diets to a higher risk of cancer, the organization let us know that a meat-eating diet had a far worse consequence: a small penis.

The tweet contained a link to their latest campaign video, which warns mothers about the dangers eating meat can have on the size of their son’s Johnson. The creepy as fuck PSA, titled “Eating Chicken Can Make Your Son’s Dick Small,” says phthalates, a group of chemicals used to make plastic, can be found in chicken.
Their data is from a 2008 study, which discussed the effects of the chemical in rodents.

What the video leaves out is that the study showed that the chemicals have “been measured in residential indoor environments in both house dust and indoor air” (cited directly from pdf above), making it pretty much inescapable.

The video states that “a recent study showed that a mother’s poultry consumption during pregnancy correlated with her kid’s penis size.” Once again, there seems to be a disconnect between cause and effect. Did you not pay attention in high school? Or ever? Correlation is not causation. Also, how was this tested? Did you hand-feed moms KFC and then whip out a ruler in the hospital?

My favorite part of this ad is that it is directed specifically at women. As a female, I can say that I have absolutely no concern about my future child’s penis size. Sure, I want the kid to succeed in life, but if it just so happens he isn’t the longest crayon in the box, I’ll be there to pat his back and remind him that size doesn’t matter.

Luckily our boy Barn Slippy shot down the claims from PETA.

So, once again, suck it PETA.

      1. Ihavefirmnipples

        Darkies eat a lot of fried chicken. Darkies have horse length peens. So PETA is wrong.

        8 years ago at 10:39 am
  1. Michael G Scott

    I’m fully torqued for chickens, ass eating, and Dorn

    Bacons probably blown a dude


    8 years ago at 10:11 am
  2. NY Frock Exchange

    Went vegetarian for a week because of a girl I dated. Worst decision of my life. Fuck you PETA, I’ll keep my slightly below average sized pecker thanks.

    8 years ago at 10:11 am
    1. GoodbyeNormalStreet

      I think that’s another fake theory in itself, but still disproved.

      8 years ago at 3:06 pm