Phi Psi At USC’s Frost Party Attracted Every 10 From California

      1. TheStangel

        Classic Dorno, acting like he’d rather be at this party than at a Chuck E. Cheese.

        6 years ago at 10:34 am
      2. Frapist

        I’ll take 400 laps if it means you stop referring to Chuck E. Cheese as “Slaysville”

        6 years ago at 1:18 pm
  1. TooBusyYachting

    God damn. Between the $27000 fundraiser, and this, TFM’s video page is on fire… if only the regular columns and news articles were on this level

    6 years ago at 11:47 am
  2. Kappa Significant

    We have a 6 month, no-fun version of this in Wisconsin called winter where every girl puts on 20 lbs and 3 layers of clothing…

    6 years ago at 12:46 pm