PHOTO: Nascar’s Kevin Harvick Recreated Number 12 At Augusta In His Backyard

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Kevin Harvick may make a living on the track, but the man enjoys him some golf, too. In an effort to get as much golf in as humanly possible, he set up a par 3 hole in his backyard. Only thing is that he didn’t just set up any par 3, he set up the most beautiful par 3 hole in the history of golf: the 12th hole at Augusta.

His wife tweeted out a pic of Kevin and his son getting in a little practice on Tuesday.

How awesome would it be to wake up to the iconic 12th hole at Amen Corner? Since no one can’t actually do that with the real thing, Harvick just did the next best thing by creating a replica in his backyard. Love it. Harvick has played Augusta before, too, so he’s likely set this baby up to practice for his next round.

Someone with a pond on their property needs to set up 17 at Sawgrass.

Image via YouTube

  1. Mayor of Weinerville

    Oh very fucking entertaining. Who gives a shit about Kevin Harvick. Where is Fail Friday?

    8 years ago at 10:42 am
    1. Jameson Von Budweiser

      Are you trying to break the record for most laps in a week or are you just a glutton for punishment?

      8 years ago at 11:33 am