Photo Reveals Baby in Diaper Doing Keg Stand at Arizona State Tailgate


One extreme end of the keg stand demographic spectrum was recently represented by this grandmother at an LSU tailgate. Now, and not to be outdone, is this baby at an Arizona State tailgate. And my God, his form is impeccable. He’s using the oft attempted, but rarely successful, no-arm maneuver. Quite impressive. And such poise.

Arizona State University police are trying to determine whether a photo that appears to show a baby being held up by an adult for a keg stand is child abuse or an inappropriate photo opportunity.

It’s not clear if the child was actually drinking beer, but you can clearly see the nozzle in his mouth. Onlookers snapped photos as an adult held the child up for a “keg stand,” where a person is held upside down and drinks as much beer as he can, reported.

The photo is authentic, and the baby’s a booze hound, in my honest assessment.

Rumors are beginning to surface from the scene of the keg stand that the kid only made it to a 24 count before tapping out, but he would have slaughtered his previous record of 28 had he not had a poopy diaper. The season is still young, though, and this baby is looking to rewrite the record books in the Pre-Toddler keg stand division.



  1. high kapp

    Bid. Secondly, the only reason he was able to pull of the no-hander stander is because he his only 25 pounds so it doesn’t really count. Also, if this is child abuse is getting your dog drunk animal cruelty?

    12 years ago at 12:40 am