Pike Chapter’s Vintage Fire Truck Set Ablaze In Front Lawn

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The front yard of the Marshall University Pike house turned into a crime scene after the chapter’s vintage fire truck was set ablaze last Thursday just after midnight. The fire truck, given the moniker “Thumper,” is a “memorial for Edward Travis, a fraternity member who died in the 1990s, according to recent Marshall grad and Pike alumni Cameron Wadley.”

Arson is suspected after a propane tank was discovered inside the charred fire engine.

From Herald-Dispatch:

The 1967 International Engine fire truck, which sits in the front lawn of the Phi [sic] Kappa Alpha (Pike) fraternity house at 1411 5th Ave., caught fire around 12:35 a.m. Thursday morning. A propane tank was found inside the truck.

Huntington fire marshal Steve Ellis said the propane tank was placed inside the truck before it was set on fire. There is an ongoing criminal investigation with the Huntington Police Department and the Fire Marshal.

Thankfully, no one was injured.

[via Herald-Dispatch]

Image via Travels of the Rambling Roses

  1. You Pledges Suck

    Normally at this point I would say “fuck Pike,” but that’s actually pretty damn horrible. You don’t fuck with memorials.

    10 years ago at 2:56 pm
  2. Amr270@gmail.com

    I actually live next door to the pike house at Marshall it sucks that someone has done this

    10 years ago at 10:13 pm